Zoom Circuits with Colleen

A message from Mary Healy of GEN orienteers.

We hope all the orienteering community and their loved ones are keeping safe and healthy and coping with these strange and challenging times we find ourselves in.  This 2km radius can be very restrictive to those of us who are more used to running out on the mountains and forests.  The prospect of many more kms of path/road running may not fill you with the same desire to get out there and do it.  Many may find their freetime curtailed through looking after little ones, now creches and schools are closed.

So if you’re stuck indoors with no gym access, perhaps you would like to participate in our circuits sessions?  We normally run these sessions in a local hall on a Tuesday evening for a regular 16-18 individuals.  Most are orienteers but not all.  The age range is the same as in orienteering, 10yrs-80 yrs or so.  Our Leader is Colleen Robinson (Setanta), an orienteer herself but also a physical therapist, having studied to a Master’s Degree in Canada.

During this Covid-19 isolation period, Colleen has offered to continue our circuits sessions online via Zoom meetings.  Our first one was last Tuesday and was very successful.  You can catch a short video of it on our GEN Facebook page.  You get the idea.  A couple of other orienteers, having watched the video, have already asked can they join in too.  If you would also like to take part, just send me an email privately (not the forum) and we can send you a link for the next session.  Email:    marydennehyhealy@

Colleen very generously is happy to do these sessions for free but we feel she should get something (however small) for all the work she puts in.  We’ve no overheads as such using Zoom.  So we’ve greatly reduced our normal fees, to make them very manageable for all people, whatever situation they find themselves in at present.  Everyone needs the exercise and we don’t want anyone missing out!  Colleen runs excellent sessions that are as tough/easy as the effort you put in and we recognise that we’re very lucky to have her leading us (BTW she’s now the Irish Junior Manager).   For the month of April (9 sessions), we would like people to pay:-

€20   Salaried Adult :    (no cut in their normal income).

€10   Others :    (on govt. wage subsidy; unemployed; retired; student.)

Tuesdays  :  18:30 – 19:30 sharp

Fridays     :   18:30 – 19:30 sharp

There is only one payment for the month, irrespective of how many people are in the household and of how many sessions you access.  So if you’d like to see how you get on, we’ll send you a link to your first session for free and if you want to continue, email me again telling me the amount you wish to pay, €20/€10 and I’ll get back to you with payment details.

Our circuits group are very happy continuing as we are, with our extra ones at home joining in.  And we’d be more than happy to have others further afield join in the …fun too!  As our trainer David says,


Go dté sibh slán.


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