WUOC long distance: Ruairi’s report

Here are Ruairi’s thoughts on the long race.

“Today was the long distance at WUOC in Spain.
I started at 9:28 local time when the temperature was cool enough, but it was beginning to warm up. The start was on top of a hill and I could see some other runners on other hills in the distance. I went out with the plan of keeping it controlled and getting the navigation right.

The area was steep and rough underfoot. There was a lot of undergrowth (mostly prickly) which made the running slow and most of the ground was either sandy or gravelly which made contouring really difficult. Finding the path route choice avoiding the climb was essential. Some of the rock features in some areas (4,5,6) were really spectacular which made life all the more interesting. The heat was only a problem in one or two open areas as there was a light breeze on the top of most hills and the ample supplies of water at the drinks controls helped too! I was happy with my orienteering for the most part with only one or two possibly not the best route choices but I tired near the end after I went straight over a hill instead of around. I was slow then on the last few controls and missed 20, by maybe 1 minute and from then on it was an easy, if physical finish!

In the end I was 68th in 1:49:50, which I am not super pleased with, but I’m taking confidence from it into the middle distance on Thursday.

Ruairi finishing the Long race


Top three results in the mens were:
1 Huber, Raffael Switzerland SUI 1:15:38
2 Kodeda, Štepán Czech Rep CZE 1:16:07
3 Chromý, Adam Czech Rep CZE 1:17:52
68 Short, Ruairi Trinity College, Ireland 1:49:50

In the womens race the Swiss and Czech won all the podium places as well:
1 Feer, Isabelle Switzerland SUI 1:05:32
2 Mathys, Brigitta Switzerland SUI 1:05:37
3 Brozková, Radka Czech Rep CZE 1:06:37
The Swiss could easily have had the top three with Sabine Hauswirth coming 4th only 10 seconds down on Brozková.

Full results for both races can be found at here. You can see the map at WorldofO.

Tomorrow is the Sprint race in the centre of Alicante that Rosalind will be running. I elected not to run in order to focus on the middle and recover from todays long race. She starts at 17:16:30 (Spanish time) and live results for the event should be available at www.fedo.org/sportident/wuoc/reslarga.htm from about 16:45 (Spanish Time).”

The general consensus among the teams was that the long was a well-planned, tough event for all athletes.

While the long distance was taking place, Rosalind went with some other athletes to train in an area adjacent to the middle map which had been used for a local race at the weekend. She found it quite vague in places and therefore feels it is important to be take great care in the control circle come Thursday´s race.

This morning both athletes have had a light run on a map of the university beside our accommodation, to help Rosalind get into the sprint frame of mind for this afternoon´s race. She is looking forward to what sounds like an interesting race, with hints being dropped about some water-running needed along the route. The start is in the castle overlooknig the city and there is a sea front finish.

And her forecast for today? Again, scorchio!

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