WOC starting July 12th

The Irish Team is ready and super excited to start WOC 2023 in Flims/Laax, Switzerland.
Last preparation were completed today.

A big “thank you” to Ruth who has become our Team Official last minute.

You can follow the senior squad almost live on instagram at

You can find all the latest updates on WOC here .
And of course for some in-depth analysis why not pop over to world of O.

And finally, may I introduce the athletes. Good luck to you all and have fun out there.

Jens | High Performance Manager

Name: Clodagh Moran

Instagram: @clodaghmoran

Age: 23

Hometown: Dublin

Currently living: Leaving Gothenburg, going to Frankfurt

Club: @3rockorienteering

No. WOCs: 2

2023 events: Middle, Long

What do you think of the WOC terrain: Hardddd. So much detail, really fun but will be tricky

Favourite biscuit: Custard Creams

Orienteering strength: Open mountain

Favourite Map/Terrain: Sand dunes

Result most proud of: JK W10 Bronze

Favourite Irish mountain: Djouce

Name: Paul Pruzina

Instagram: @ppruzina

Age: 26

Hometown: Comber, Down

Currently living: travelling for the summer, moving to Cambridge in September

Club: LVO, @real_drongo@ifklidingosok

No. WOCs: 2

2023 events: Middle, Relay

What do you think of the WOC terrain: Really nice terrains, lots of detail to make it tricky. Some fast running but other places to really slow down and get things right

Favourite biscuit: Digestive cream

Orienteering strength: All-rounder. Not the fastest or the best navigator, but pretty OK at both

Favourite Map/Terrain: Fontainebleau, France

Result most proud of: JK 2011 mini relay gold

Favourite Irish mountain: Sliabh Liag. Lovely mountain with fantastic cliffs and some nice scrambling if you’re up for it.

Name: Ruairi Short

Instagram: @ruairishort

Age: 34

Hometown: Blessington, Wicklow

Currently living: Dublin

Club(s): @cnocorienteers , @oklinne

No. WOCs: 8

2023 events: Middle, Relay

What do you think of the WOC terrain: Very interesting detailed areas which will provide some great technical courses. Thick enough forest in places too so having the confidence to push through it will be key.

Favourite biscuit: Mikado

Orienteering strength: Navigation

Favourite Map/Terrain: Lunsen, Uppsala, Sweden

Result most proud of: JHI 2007 M18 1st

Favourite Irish mountain: Diamond Hill, Connemara. Great childhood memories from climbing it many summers.

Name: Colm Moran

Instagram: @colmmemaybe_yo

Age: 30

Hometown: Dublin

Currently living: Edinburgh

Club: @3rockorienteering@interlopersedinburgh

No. WOCs: 5

2023 events: Middle, Long, Relay

What do you think of the WOC terrain: A fascinating blend of vague hillside and intricate rock detail, fun.

Favourite biscuit: Fox’s Golden Crunch

Orienteering strength: contours – nothing else matters

Favourite Map/Terrain: Aveyron limestone (Les Bouzigasses)

Result most proud of: WUOC 2016 Beer Relay Gold

Favourite Irish mountain: Big Gun (An Gunna Mór)

Orienteering in Ireland
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D15 DY62, Ireland