WOC starting July 12th

The Irish Team is ready and super excited to start WOC 2023 in Flims/Laax, Switzerland.
Last preparation were completed today.

A big “thank you” to Ruth who has become our Team Official last minute.

You can follow the senior squad almost live on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/irishorienteeringsquad/

You can find all the latest updates on WOC here .
And of course for some in-depth analysis why not pop over to world of O.

And finally, may I introduce the athletes. Good luck to you all and have fun out there.

Jens | High Performance Manager

Name: Clodagh Moran

Instagram: @clodaghmoran

Age: 23

Hometown: Dublin

Currently living: Leaving Gothenburg, going to Frankfurt

Club: @3rockorienteering

No. WOCs: 2

2023 events: Middle, Long

What do you think of the WOC terrain: Hardddd. So much detail, really fun but will be tricky

Favourite biscuit: Custard Creams

Orienteering strength: Open mountain

Favourite Map/Terrain: Sand dunes

Result most proud of: JK W10 Bronze

Favourite Irish mountain: Djouce

Name: Paul Pruzina

Instagram: @ppruzina

Age: 26

Hometown: Comber, Down

Currently living: travelling for the summer, moving to Cambridge in September

Club: LVO, @real_drongo@ifklidingosok

No. WOCs: 2

2023 events: Middle, Relay

What do you think of the WOC terrain: Really nice terrains, lots of detail to make it tricky. Some fast running but other places to really slow down and get things right

Favourite biscuit: Digestive cream

Orienteering strength: All-rounder. Not the fastest or the best navigator, but pretty OK at both

Favourite Map/Terrain: Fontainebleau, France

Result most proud of: JK 2011 mini relay gold

Favourite Irish mountain: Sliabh Liag. Lovely mountain with fantastic cliffs and some nice scrambling if you’re up for it.

Name: Ruairi Short

Instagram: @ruairishort

Age: 34

Hometown: Blessington, Wicklow

Currently living: Dublin

Club(s): @cnocorienteers , @oklinne

No. WOCs: 8

2023 events: Middle, Relay

What do you think of the WOC terrain: Very interesting detailed areas which will provide some great technical courses. Thick enough forest in places too so having the confidence to push through it will be key.

Favourite biscuit: Mikado

Orienteering strength: Navigation

Favourite Map/Terrain: Lunsen, Uppsala, Sweden

Result most proud of: JHI 2007 M18 1st

Favourite Irish mountain: Diamond Hill, Connemara. Great childhood memories from climbing it many summers.

Name: Colm Moran

Instagram: @colmmemaybe_yo

Age: 30

Hometown: Dublin

Currently living: Edinburgh

Club: @3rockorienteering@interlopersedinburgh

No. WOCs: 5

2023 events: Middle, Long, Relay

What do you think of the WOC terrain: A fascinating blend of vague hillside and intricate rock detail, fun.

Favourite biscuit: Fox’s Golden Crunch

Orienteering strength: contours – nothing else matters

Favourite Map/Terrain: Aveyron limestone (Les Bouzigasses)

Result most proud of: WUOC 2016 Beer Relay Gold

Favourite Irish mountain: Big Gun (An Gunna Mór)

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