WOC Memories

In 2021, IOF is celebrating 60 years of its existence and, at the same time, it was 55 years ago when the first world orienteering championship was held.
Jaroslav Kačmarčík, a long-time Czech national o-team member and founder of the Park World Tour series, has brought the idea of compiling a publication that would map all world championships between 1966 – 2021 using the eyes of their most successful participants.

Their testimonies are to be accompanied by abundance of photographs, maps and result overviews. To get a grasp of the idea and design of the book, you can have a look on a publication which has been issued for the purposes of WOC 2021 and which has mapped all WOCs ever held in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. IOF took sponsorship of this project, Jaroslav Kačmarčík is responsible for the factual content of the book and ŽAKET publishing (CZE) is in charge of its design, printing and distribution.

The book is in English, expected volume of approximately 450 pages, A4 format in hard-case binding. Its issue is planned for first half of 2022 for an indicative price of EUR 79.
At this moment, we as the publishers need to know the demand for the book. Therefore, we want to encourage those interested in buying it to fill in a simple form. Based on the level of interest we will be able to estimate better the amount of copies to be printed and the final price per piece. Based on the questionnaire, all interested ones will receive detailed information regarding the date of issue and payment in 1Q 2022.

The form will be active till the end of December 2021. Hoping that we have caught your interest in this project,

Tom Hollowell (IOF, Secretary General)
Jaroslav Kačmarčík (author)

Memories of the Winners – Interest Form

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