WOC 2014 Selection Policy

Hi all,
In order to formulate selection policy for WOC 2014 I am seeking contributions from the squad on the matter.
Squad members have until October 25th to respond to elite@orienteering.ie with their contribution, these ideas/comments will then go to the selectors who will have November to formulate the policy for WOC 2014, and then the plan is to announce the selection policy on December 1st 2013 allowing those interested in WOC 2014 ample time to plan their season.
After the changes that came about from the “WOC in the Future” idea:
– 3 men & 3 women for qualification race (no change to format, qualification and final)
Mixed Sprint Relay
– 2 men and 2 women to form 1 team (new event)
– 1 man & 1 woman (final, 1 place in it)
– 1 man & 1 woman (final, 1 place in it)
– same as before, 3 person teams, men & women
Depending on what sort of budget is made available to High Performance next year, a similar amount to this year will be spent on the team.
All elements of selection are open to comment, and all ideas are welcome.
The WOC website is www.woc2014.info and Bulletin No. 2 has been published, http://www.woc2014.info/Bullettins/Bulletin_2.pdf
Remember, email elite@orienteering.ie by October 25th with your comments.
Please pass this email on to anyone who I might have missed, and also let me know who I omitted. If you have a newer email address that you use please let me know.
Darren Burke
Director of High Performance Orienteering
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