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10 elements of Orienteering

The 10 Elements or Orienteering is a series of training films to help you learn the skills needed to orienteer.


10 Elements of Orienteering
What is orienteering?

Reading the Map 1

Reading the Map - part 1
What is an orienteering map and how do you use it?

Orientating the Map

Orientating the Map
How to best hold the map.

Route Choice

Route Choice
How to make choices to follow the best route to the control.


Working out where you are when you get lost?

Compass Skills

Compass Skills
Using the compass with the map and taking a bearing.

Reading the Map 2

Reading the Map Part 2
Common features and how to recognise them on the map.

Route Choice 2

Route Choice Part 2
Using stepping stones for the optimal route.


Different types of courses in an orienteering event.

Start ‘n Finish

Start and Finish
SI cards and how the start and finish works at an orienteering event.

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10 Elements of Orienteering - Full Length Video
View all 10 parts in one go!


Orienteering in Ireland
Orienteering Ireland, Irish Sport HQ, Blanchardstown
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