Training during Lockdown -Nick Simonin in Norway.

While the vast majority of us are in so-called lockdown right now during the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in various ways, I have been asked to give you an insight into how life is in Norway these days and more specifically orienteering. While most of our daily lives are also based from home right now in Norway we are lucky enough to still be able to get outside into nature when we want and train on or own or it is possible for small groups of up 5 people gather for organized training. I feel luckily that I can do this and I am trying to make the most of it. 

Over the Easter period you will be able to follow my training progress on @OrienteeringIreland Instagram account where I will be uploading daily mainly via stories. You are also more than welcome to as me questions you might have and I will gladly reply to you all. I hope that this give you some motivation and maybe help in a very small way to becoming better orienteers. 

The situation we find ourselves in is obviously far from an ideal right now and it is hitting us hard in many ways but hopefully we can all make the most out of this time and be as well prepared as possible when things start to return to what we are used too in the not too distant future. As for us all, the orienteering season has been postponed or canceled for now and speaking for myself I do not know what my next race will be or even when. I have however decided to try and be positive and use this time to train well and focus on becoming a better competitor when the time comes again to get my SI card out and be able to do what I really enjoy – race hard with fellow orienteers.  

Until then stay safe and take care of one another.

Nicholas Simonin

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