The Newest IOA Chairperson is …

Mary O’Connell has happily accepted the role of Chairperson of the Irish Orienteering Association. She is a member of 3Roc Orienteering Club and has in the past served as IOA Treasurer and IOA Chairperson.

The other members of the IOA committee are;

  • Vice Chairperson:  John McCullough email: vicechairperson (at)
  • Honorary Secretary: Fergal Buckley, Tel. 086-3306932, email: secretary (at)
  • Honorary Treasurer: Sarah ni Ruairc, email: treasurer (at)
  • Director of Education: Eoin Browne, email: coaching (at)
  • Communications Officer: Debbie Whelan email: comms (at)
  • Controller of Technical Standards: Paul O’Sullivan-Hourihan email: technical (at)
  • Development Officer: Andrew Cox, email: development (at)
  • Director of High Performance: Darren Burke, email: elite (at)
  • Mapping Registrar: Stuart Scott, email: mapping (at)
  • National Children’s Officer: Ciaran Donaghy, childrensofficer (at)

There is one position vacant on the committee, it is Director of Junior Representative Orienteering. 

If you have any questions about this role contact any member of the committee.



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