Thanks for the Map Paul

A message from Nick…..

Last weekend when I was back home in Ireland I received an award from Irish Orienteering for Outstanding Performance. However this isn’t about the award. This is about the other gentleman in this picture, without whom this award would never have found my hands. Paul introduced me to orienteering 15 years ago, and you could say I’ve never looked back. Being from a non-orienteering family I knew nothing about what doors orienteering would open for me. It has brought me on the pretty cool journey that has led me to where I am today. Paul set me out on this route, and many others have helped me along the way, none more so than my parents, but every race has to have a start point. . Sometimes when things don’t feel like they are going to plan in the present I look back at the bigger picture to recapture the motivation for whatever I’m striving towards. So once again thanks for putting that first map in my hands Paul, and all your encouragement and interest since then.

A special mention too for Mary Healy, Ruth Lynam and Sean Cotter for their help along the way.

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Orienteering in Ireland
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