Irish Team for WOC 2015 – Announcement

TEAM IRELAND selection 2015

The selection panel would like to acknowledge the high level of commitment and effort shown by the athletes in this year’s selection process.

Enclosed find the TEAM IRELAND selection for WOC 2015 Scotland.

Men Women
1. Nicolas Simonin 1. Niamh O’Boyle
2. Darren Burke 2. Caoimhe O’Boyle
3. Eoin McCullough 3. Roisin Long
Res. Kevin O’Boyle Res. Toni O’Donovan
1. Conor Short 1. Ciara Largey
2. Colm Moran Res. Toni O’Donovan
Res. Eoin McCullough
1. Marcus Pinker 1. Toni O’Donovan
2. Nicolas Simonin Res. Ciara Largey
Res. Eoin McCullough
1. Eoin McCullough 1. Ciara Largey
2. Conor Short 2. Toni O’Donovan
3. Nicolas Simonin 3. Niamh O’Boyle
Res. Colm Moran Res. Niamh Corbett

The Sprint Relay team will be chosen by the selection panel based on results of the WOC Sprint Qualification races. And the running order of the Relay TBC.

We wish all those selected the very best in their various disciplines in this year’s competition.

For those athletes who did not make the selection this year – we thank you for your efforts and wish you success in your orienteering for the rest of the season.


Helen Baxter

Kyle Heron

Paul O’Sullivan- Hourihan

Orienteering in Ireland
Orienteering Ireland, Irish Sport HQ, Blanchardstown
D15 DY62, Ireland