Self Training for the advanced orienteer

CNOC, in conjunction with David Healy (GEN), have organised 17 self-training markers on the Kanturk/Scarr map. This initiative is being provided as an aid to orienteers who wish to improve their navigational skills in advance of IOC 2022 and the upcoming Summer international events. Part of the map is on National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) land and we wish to acknowledge the invaluable help given by them and by Conservation Ranger Hugh Mc Lindon. 

The area is physically and technically testing with wonderful contour and rock detail. This makes it suitable for orienteers who would normally compete at Light Green (TD4) or higher. It is not suitable ground for beginners. Whistles should be carried as mobile phone coverage is ‘patchy’. The markers are numbered bamboo canes approx. 1m tall and will remain in place under NPWS permit until April 30th. Felling is ongoing in the area around markers 110 and 111. You must stay away from any operating machinery.

 As we are in the Wicklow Mountains Nature Reserve strict conditions apply which must be observed by orienteers.

  1. Participant numbers must not exceed the permitted number. For this course that is 10 people per day. NPWS recently surveyed this area and it is being used by endangered nesting species, so it is critical that participants join NPWS in their protection by ensuring disturbance remains very low. 
  2. If, while training, you come across birds that are nesting (or displaying signs of stress) then alter course and avoid that site. 
  3. Dogs or other animals may not accompany participants (dogs effectively sterilise an area of ground-nesting birds).
  4. Litter (including biodegradable waste) must not be left.
  5. All activities must be carried out in full compliance of any Covid-19 restrictions as indicated by Government guidelines ( ); 
  6. The Duty Conservation Ranger must be contacted at 087-9803899 in the case of any notable incidents occurring eg. accidents.

Thanks to CNOC members Pat Healy, Senan O’ Boyle and Ruth Lynam for mapping and placing the markers on Kanturk. This self-training opportunity is a continuation of the initiative spearheaded by David Healy (GEN) on Brockagh in the Summer of 2021. Thanks to David for guiding us through the process, choosing potential sites and preparing the markers.

It’s a beautiful area – hope you enjoy and benefit from your training.

Map files for printing and planning can be found below:

North Kanturk 

South Kanturk

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