Sprinting Through Dublin: A Weekend of Intensive Orienteering Training

Over the weekend, the national squad of Orienteering Ireland convened in Dublin for an intensive sprint camp aimed at sharpening their skills and refining their strategies. From Friday night through Sunday, the athletes immersed themselves in a series of challenging training sessions designed to mimic the intensity and precision required at the highest levels of competition.

Friday Night: Setting the Pace

The camp kicked off on Friday night with a burst of energy as the squad delved into a general orienteering sprint training session. Taking place in the picturesque setting of Castleknock, Dublin, athletes navigated through a course designed to replicate the format of the Orienteering World Championships. It was a chance for the team to shake off any rust and reacquaint themselves with the intricacies of sprint orienteering.

Under the guidance of their coach, the athletes tackled a variety of terrain, honing their map-reading skills and decision-making abilities under pressure. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the squad embraced the opportunity to push themselves to their limits right from the outset.

Saturday Morning: Precision and Technique

As the sun rose on Saturday morning, the focus shifted to the technical aspects of sprint orienteering. The squad gathered at the UCD grounds for four intensive training intervals, each designed to challenge their ability to make optimal route choices in fast-paced environments.

With a keen eye on efficiency and precision, athletes navigated through complex courses, constantly assessing the terrain and adjusting their strategies on the fly. Every decision mattered as they worked to minimize time lost and maximize speed.

Saturday Afternoon: Mastering Route Choices

In the afternoon, attention turned to perfecting route choices as the squad ventured to Applewood, Dublin for another round of training. With a focus on achieving a 90% success rate in route choices, athletes pushed themselves to the limit, pushing through fatigue and mental barriers to maintain focus and accuracy.

The training session served as a valuable opportunity for the team to fine-tune their decision-making processes, identifying strengths and weaknesses in their approach and implementing strategies for improvement.

Saturday Night: Analysis and Strategy

As the sun set on Saturday evening, the squad reconvened for a training analysis session and a knockout sprint runners choice exercise at the Sport Ireland campus. It was a chance for athletes to reflect on their performances throughout the day, identifying areas of progress and areas for further development.

Under the guidance of the coaching staff, the team dissected their routes and decision-making processes, seeking insights that would inform their strategies for the upcoming competitions. The knockout sprint exercise added an element of unpredictability, challenging athletes to think on their feet and adapt to changing circumstances.

Sunday: Putting It All Together

The final day of the camp saw the senior team put their skills to the test in a series of knockout sprint-style qualifications and finals simulations. Venturing to Skerries and Rush, Dublin, athletes faced off against each other in a high-stakes environment, pushing themselves to the limit in pursuit of victory.

With a focus on maximum speed and precise control, athletes navigated through challenging courses, drawing on their training and experience to make split-second decisions and execute flawless routes. It was a chance for the team to showcase their progress and readiness for the upcoming Irish championships.

Team Collaboration and Preparation

Throughout the weekend, the national squad demonstrated not only their individual talent but also their ability to work together as a cohesive unit. The involvement of the entire senior team in planning different courses, under the guidance of the High-Performance Manager, highlighted the collective effort and commitment to excellence that defines the squad.

This training camp was more than just an opportunity for individual athletes to improve their skills—it was a crucial step in the team’s preparation for the challenges ahead. With the Irish championships looming just three weeks away, the camp served as a vital opportunity for the national team to fine-tune their preparations and solidify their plans for success.

Looking Ahead

As the squad departs Dublin and returns to their respective training bases, they do so with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. The weekend’s intensive training camp has provided them with the tools and confidence they need to tackle the upcoming competitions head-on.

With their sights set on World Championship selection, the national squad of Orienteering Ireland remains focused and driven, ready to take on whatever challenges lie ahead. As they continue their journey towards excellence, one thing is certain: the spirit of determination and camaraderie that defines this team will carry them through to victory.

Acknowledgements and Thanks

As the national squad of Orienteering Ireland concludes their intensive training camp in Dublin, it’s important to extend heartfelt thanks to those who made it all possible. The success of the weekend would not have been possible without the dedication and expertise of the course planners, whose meticulous planning and thoughtful design ensured that athletes were challenged and inspired at every turn.

A special note of gratitude goes to Paul Pruzina, Jens Waechter, Kevin O’Boyle, and Conor Short for their invaluable contributions to the training camp. Their passion for the sport and commitment to excellence shone through in every aspect of the weekend’s activities, guiding athletes towards new heights of achievement.

Additionally, a big thank you is owed to Fingal Orienteers for graciously allowing the national squad to use their maps for the training sessions. Their generosity and support are deeply appreciated and played a vital role in the success of the camp.

Josh O’Sullivan-Hourihan deserves special recognition for his contributions in supplying pictures and videos throughout the training camp. His efforts in capturing the essence of the weekend’s activities not only provided valuable documentation but also served as a source of inspiration and motivation for the athletes.

Lastly, a word of thanks to High Performance Manager Jens Waechter for his tireless efforts in organizing and overseeing the training camp. His leadership and guidance were instrumental in ensuring that the weekend ran smoothly and that athletes had everything they needed to excel.

As the squad reflects on their experiences in Dublin and prepares to take on the challenges that lie ahead, they do so with a profound sense of gratitude for the support and expertise of those who helped make the training camp a resounding success.

Jens Waechter, High Performance Manager, Orienteering Ireland

Entries closing for the Irish Orienteering Championships

Entries for the Irish Orienteering Championships are closing on Sunday 14th April.

Relay entries have an extension until Tuesday 23d April.

Entry details and other information is at: https://ioc.orienteering.ie/home

Can’t wait to see you all there!

Now it’s time to register to Jukola relay 2024!

World’s largest orienteering relay, Lakia-Jukola will be run in Kauhava, Finland 15.-16.6.2024. The first and the cheapest registration period will close this upcoming Friday 2nd Feb at 11.59 pm. Remember to register your team and additional services like tent places and pay the registration fee by then.

Go to the registration HERE

Check out the Event Invitation HERE

SHI 2024 Selection Policy

The Senior Home International is taking place on the 7th/8th September in Scotland. It will consist of a Relay race on the Saturday and an Individual race on the Sunday.

Team will consist of: 6 x M21, 6 x W21, 3 x M20, 3 x W20

The purpose of this policy:

  • To enable the selectors to select the best possible team
  • To provide eligible athletes an opportunity to claim a place in the team

Selection criteria:

  • Selectors are Susan Lambe, Philip Baxter and Dave Masterson.
  • The team will be announced at the end of June 2024.
  • Athletes must declare themselves available for selection by Sunday 26th May 2024
  • W/M18s can declare themselves available for selection, as long as they are aged 18 or over
    by the date of travel
  • If W/M20s want to be considered for 21s they should declare for both 20s and 21s.
  • It is recommended that you run in the age class you wish to be selected for, or where relevant
    you run the same course (eg if 18s run the same course as 20s).
  • Athletes must inform Susan Lambe of any illness or injury before any particular selection race.
  • A senior member of the selected team will be asked to act as Team Manager over the
  • In the case of withdrawals, the selectors will select a suitable replacement using all selection
    races (below).
  • We will select the team with the aim of achieving the strongest set of results. Athletes may
    be selected to gain experience, and we would encourage all older juniors to consider putting
    themselves forward for selection.
  • It is each athlete’s responsibility to ensure they are eligible to compete for Ireland on the date
    of the competition – see rules on the British Orienteering website https://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/home_internationals

The first 4 places in the W/M 21 team and the first 2 places in the W/M 20 team will be selected
using selection races 1-3 (listed below). To fill the remaining places selectors will look at all known
form, particularly from races 1-3 & a-b (listed below). Please note that athletes may be selected if
the selectors feel that they will help improve the team’s results. When it has not been possible to
select a full team from the named races an athlete may be selected to gain experience.

Please note the SHI is a self-funded event. You may be eligible to apply for funding from clubs, councils
etc. NI athletes are welcome to read the NIOA policy on International Representation.

Races to be considered for selectionRaces to be considered for all known form
JK Middle & Long (30th & 31st Mar)
Leinster Champs (16th Apr) OR NI
Champs (2nd Mar) (if LOC not
IOC Middle & Long (4th & 5th May)
a. JK & IOC Relay (1st Apr & 6th May)
b. Any WRE (Long/Middle) before 16th June 2024

Official policy downloadable below.

Orienteering Planner’s Course – Feb/Mar 2024

The next Planner’s Course online workshop starts on Monday 19th February 2024, and continues for 4 weekly sessions.

  • Monday 19th February
  • Monday 26th February
  • Monday 4th March
  • Monday 11th March

This accredited course is a four weekly online interactive workshop aimed at both new and existing planners.

The course is delivered Mondays online via Zoom from 19:00 – 21:00.

Course outcomes

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the planner.
  • Apply the principles of course planning.
  • Be able to plan courses at Technical Difficulty 1-5 for events up to and including league events / competition category 3.
  • Act as an assistant planner at a regional championship event.

Participants should have basic knowledge of Purple Pen planning software.

On successful completion of this 4 week workshop participants will be recognised as an Accredited Orienteering Ireland Planner Level 2.

Registration details https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/planners-course-online-workshop-tickets-432520840477

Poster advertising the Planner's Course taking place online for four weeks starting 19th February 2024.

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Social Media Workshop for Orienteering Clubs.

It is becoming increasingly important that clubs use social media to advertise and promote their orienteering activities with the aim of attracting a wider audience to our sport.

For this purpose Orienteering Ireland is running another 1 hour social media workshop on:

Tuesday 14th November 7pm – 8pm.

Mark Stephens will look at social media talk, covering posts, stories, reels, when best to use each feature, and their differences.

The workshop will also look at Canva, and how to put text together with images.

Clubs attending should have set up an Instagram account and Facebook page beforehand.

Ideally each club will have a minimum of one person attending, who will be happy to take on the role of the club’s social media accounts.

The registration form below also gives you the opportunity to ask questions in advance of the workshop.

Time for European Championships in fast Italian terrain

The international orienteering season will come to an intense end, when the European Orienteering Championships and World Cup Round 3 are decided over three sprint races in northern Italy in the coming days.

Verona, Soave and Vicenza in Italy’s Veneto region host a Sprint, a Sprint Relay and a Knock-Out Sprint respectively.

All three terrains offer flat and fast orienteering – primarily on hard surface in the historic cities with some park and open areas along the way.

If you are not travelling to Italy to follow races at the arenas, there will be a high quality TV-production on IOF TV from all finals at EOC.

IOF’s experienced commentators Katherine Bett and Jonas Merz will guide you through the races in English.

Find start lists, results, maps and GPS-tracking at IOF LIVE

Good luck to our Irish Team runners Niamh, Eadaoin, Alice, Colm and Josh. They are looked after by Paul for the trip.
You follow our team in Instagram here.

EOC and World Cup Round 3 Program
All times CEST (UTC +2)

Wednesday, October 4
Sprint, Verona

08.45 Sprint Qualification first start

14.30 Sprint Final First start

14.30 – 17.00 IOF TV Broadcast

Friday, October 6
Sprint Relay, Soave

15.30 – 17.00 IOF TV Broadcast

15.45 Sprint Relay start

Sunday, October 8
Knock-Out Sprint, Vicenza

8.30 KO Sprint Qualification first start

12.25 KO Sprint Quarterfinals start

14.00 – 16.00 IOF TV Broadcast

Regional Development Officers

This week OI was delighted to reengage the services of Déirdre & Mark for another year. Déirdre & Mark have put a Trojan effort into developing how we deliver our programmes and look forward to their revised roles as Regional Development Officers (RDO).

OI will be in contact with clubs about how we aim to assist you further with our RDOs over the coming months to promote and support our sport across Ireland.

Déirdre & Mark – Regional Development Officers

Senior Home Internationals 2023 – Team Selection

Congratulation to all selected for the Senior Home international 2023.


Clodagh Moran

Aoife McCavana

Aoife O’Sullivan

Eadaoin McCavana

Sarah Knight


Eoghan Whelan

Liam Cotter

Aidan McCullough

George Savell

Laurence Quinn

Cillin Corbett

Colm Moran

Ruairi Short

We are wishing all athletes best of luck this weekend 9th/10th September at Merthyr Common South & Clydach Terrace, organised by SWOC, in Wales.

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