Orienteering Planner’s Course – Feb/Mar 2024

The next Planner’s Course online workshop starts on Monday 19th February 2024, and continues for 4 weekly sessions.

  • Monday 19th February
  • Monday 26th February
  • Monday 4th March
  • Monday 11th March

This accredited course is a four weekly online interactive workshop aimed at both new and existing planners.

The course is delivered Mondays online via Zoom from 19:00 – 21:00.

Course outcomes

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the planner.
  • Apply the principles of course planning.
  • Be able to plan courses at Technical Difficulty 1-5 for events up to and including league events / competition category 3.
  • Act as an assistant planner at a regional championship event.

Participants should have basic knowledge of Purple Pen planning software.

On successful completion of this 4 week workshop participants will be recognised as an Accredited Orienteering Ireland Planner Level 2.

Registration details https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/planners-course-online-workshop-tickets-432520840477

Poster advertising the Planner's Course taking place online for four weeks starting 19th February 2024.

Congratulations to our new cohort of accredited planners

Over 4 weekly sessions, the participants on the recent online Planners Course were taken through the roles and responsibilties of the course planner, with emphasis on the importance of applying the planning principles to all aspects of planning. They were given a comprehensive grounding in planning for different technical difficulties (TD), and with the tools and resources to hand they were tasked with planning a range of courses from TD2 to TD5 on a selection of different maps each week. The course was ably presented by Mary Healy, Marcus Geoghegan and faciliated by Déirdre Ní Challanáin.

The group worked hard to achieve their goal and we are delighed to have another cohort of orienteers, each being recognised as an accredited Orienteering Ireland Planner Level 2. We look forward to the courses and events they will plan in the months and years ahead.

The next online planners course will take place in Autumn 2023. If interested please complete the form below and we will get in touch.


Section of a TD2 course planned by planners course participant.

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Ready to go Orienteering – 2018

We are pleased to announce that the Irish Orienteering Association has secured continued funding for the Ready to go Orienteering project.

The initiative is funded by a grant from the Dormant Accounts Fund and is primarily targeted at schools in disadvantaged areas. Central to the project is a one-day training course for teachers – this training provides teachers with the knowledge, understanding and practical ability to teach the basic skills of orienteering in an enjoyable and rewarding way. The funding has also enabled us to develop a package of training resources for schools and has included the production of more than 50 high quality school orienteering maps.

Training courses have been delivered in several locations around the country over the past year. We will be  announcing dates for further courses in 2018.

For more details:       ready@orienteering.ie                      https://www.readytogo.ie/

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