Senior Squad Training, February 8 & 9th – Report


The weekend started with training on Scarr/Kanturk. Map was 1:15000 but ended up being a bit different. So meant a bit of extra distance and an extra challenge in reading the map. The course was well planned and it allowed an opportunity to practice a number of techniques. The weather started out dry and windy, but turned a bit during the session with rain and hail arriving!


140208 Scarr.Part 1140208 Scarr.Part 2

After refuelling most of the Squad attended the Night-O in Hollywood.

Then today we attended the DUO event on the Vale of Clara map.

I must express my thanks to all who helped organise this weekend. In particular to Niamh, Hugh and Ruairi for planning the training and putting out controls for Saturday morning. I’d also like to thank CNOC for the use of their maps and for donating the proceeds of the Night event in Hollywood to the Senior Squad. Also i’d like to mention Ruth Lynham and Don Short for providing accommodation for the weekend plus a lot more. Thanks to the control collectors on Saturday too who had to brave very challenging conditions.


Darren Burke

Director of High Performance Orienteering

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