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Register your SI card ↗

Do this to make sure your name, club and class are correct at all events. It is also a big help to the event organisers.

Or ↗

Or is the results system used at most orienteering events in Ireland.

Guide to SportIdent ↗

All you ever wanted to know about SportIdent Electronic Timing system

Contactless Punching at Events

The Orienteering Ireland SportIdent Kit is now divided into two – Northern and Southern

The Northern Kit is maintained by Mary Healy of Great Eastern Navigators and booking for use at Orienteering Ireland registered events may be made by sending an email to Mary at

The Northern kit contains 50 control units (Codes 150 to 199 inclusive) – type BSF 7 (Firmware version 5.80), two x clear, check, start and finish units, two USB BSM 7 main stations, one timemaster (for time synchronisation of units)and a stock of SI cards for renting at events.

The Southern kit is maintained by Liam O’Brien of CSOA. Booking for use at IOA registered events may be made by sending an email to Liam at

The Southern kit contains 49 control units (codes 100 to 149 inclusive) – type BSF 7, two x clear, check, start and finish units, two USB BSM 7 main stations,one timemaster and a stock of SI cards for renting at events

The control kits must be collected from the coordinators, as agreed in advance, and returned as soon as possible after the event or when requested. Lost or damaged equipment must be replaced and the Club responsible will be charged with the replacement cost. The current replacement value for control units is €110 + postage. With this in mind planners/organisers of events should consider the security of control sites and whether special precautions needs to be taken (e.g. secure fixings, supervision,, etc.)

SPORTident UK to purchase SportIdent cards and other SportIdent equipment. Also try OL-Shop in Austria or All4O in Latvia.

Some clubs have purchased their own SI equipment but at this stage not many are self sufficient. Contact clubs directly for information on club SI equipment. There are practical difficulties in sharing equipment for the same event – such as ensuring time synchronisation, code series, etc. For this reason the different sets of equipment should be kept intact. For multi-day events use a different set for each day.

The numbers in use at the moment

Kit Name







CorkO     200 to 250 BSF8
WATO     200 to 250 BSF8
3Roc    150 to 199 BSF8 
Ajax31 to 81 BSF8     
CNOC     205 to 255 BSF8
Setanta   100 to 149 BSF8  
Fingal  101 to 122 BSF8   
KerryO 50 to 99 BSF8    
GEN 50 to 99 BSF8    
BOC 70 to 99 BSF7    
Northern Kit    150 to 199 BSF7 
Southern Kit   100 to 149 BSF7  

Orienteering Ireland SPORTident Guide

Please make sure to     Register      your SportIdent card with the results system – if you do not do this you are making event administration more difficult for organisers and your results could be incorrectly displayed.

Most events use Ór to manage results.

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