Spirit of Orienteering Award presented to Aine Joyce

Presented to one person each year, the Spirit of Orienteering award is in recognition of outstanding service or performance in the sport, either for exceptional efforts in a single year or for a long term contribution the makes a lasting impact on the sport. The Executive committee nominate the recipients of this award and this year they were unanimous in their decision. 

The winner of the 2023 Spirit of Orienteering award is undoubtedly someone who over a long period of time, has had a significant impact on the sport of Orienteering in Ireland. It would be impossible to find anybody in orienteering who has not benefited from this persons involvement in the sport.

Their commitment to the development of the sport has unquestionably contributed to the higher profile the sport now enjoys and in all aspects of their contribution they have shown how Orienteering is a friendly and inclusive sport. 

Whether dealing with individuals, clubs or external organisations this person was always friendly, informative and helpful. Many projects in the last fifteen years have benefited from the guidance of this years recipient and Orienteering Ireland will continue to develop because of their efforts.

On behalf of everyone involved in Orienteering we acknowledge their professionalism, friendliness and willingness to “go that extra mile” to make the sport inclusive and enjoyable for all. This year’s winner of the Spirit of Orienteering award is Aine Joyce.

Aine Joyce is presented with the Spirit of Orienteering Award by Orienteering Ireland's chairperson Paul O'Sullivan Hourihan.
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