Southeast Secondary Schools 2011

Photos from Jana Cox.
The full results from the event can be found here.
Thank you to all the members of Waterford Orienteers who helped out at the event: Norman Storey and Alan Pim on Start, Hugh Dobbs on Download, and Liz Dobbs on Registration.
This was the biggest ever turnout for a Secondary schools event in Waterford. Thank you to Waterford City Council for making their grounds available.
B3 course
1. Jonathan Pim (NSW); 2. John Jephson (NSW); 3. Darryl Hemmingway (NSW)
Team 1: Newtown 2. Waterpark 3. Abbey CC
B4 course
1. Barog Kennedy (NSW); 2. Neil Dunne (NSW); 3. Nigel Kennington (NSW)
Team 1; Newtown
1. Sam Butler (NSW); 2. Jamie Petch (NSW); 3. Stephen Scallan (NSW)
Team 1: Newtown; 2. Abbey CC; 3. Scoil Cois Suire Mooncoin
1. Sally Brown (Ursuline); 2. Caoillinn Brady (NSW); 3. Anna Boyd (NSW)
Team 1: Newtown; 2. Abbey CC; 3. Ursuline Waterford
1. Sinead Doody (NSW); 2. Mia Falkanthal (NSW); 3. Denise O’Connor (Presentation, Waterford)
Team 1: Newtown; 2. Ursuline, Waterford; 3. Abbey CC
1. Nichola Fennell (NSW); 2. Beth Rochford (NSW); 3. Andrea Harvey (NSW)
Team 1: Newtown; 2. Ursuline; 3. Abbey CC

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