SHI 2024 Selection Policy

The Senior Home International is taking place on the 7th/8th September in Scotland. It will consist of a Relay race on the Saturday and an Individual race on the Sunday.

Team will consist of: 6 x M21, 6 x W21, 3 x M20, 3 x W20

The purpose of this policy:

  • To enable the selectors to select the best possible team
  • To provide eligible athletes an opportunity to claim a place in the team

Selection criteria:

  • Selectors are Susan Lambe, Philip Baxter and Dave Masterson.
  • The team will be announced at the end of June 2024.
  • Athletes must declare themselves available for selection by Sunday 26th May 2024
  • W/M18s can declare themselves available for selection, as long as they are aged 18 or over
    by the date of travel
  • If W/M20s want to be considered for 21s they should declare for both 20s and 21s.
  • It is recommended that you run in the age class you wish to be selected for, or where relevant
    you run the same course (eg if 18s run the same course as 20s).
  • Athletes must inform Susan Lambe of any illness or injury before any particular selection race.
  • A senior member of the selected team will be asked to act as Team Manager over the
  • In the case of withdrawals, the selectors will select a suitable replacement using all selection
    races (below).
  • We will select the team with the aim of achieving the strongest set of results. Athletes may
    be selected to gain experience, and we would encourage all older juniors to consider putting
    themselves forward for selection.
  • It is each athlete’s responsibility to ensure they are eligible to compete for Ireland on the date
    of the competition – see rules on the British Orienteering website

The first 4 places in the W/M 21 team and the first 2 places in the W/M 20 team will be selected
using selection races 1-3 (listed below). To fill the remaining places selectors will look at all known
form, particularly from races 1-3 & a-b (listed below). Please note that athletes may be selected if
the selectors feel that they will help improve the team’s results. When it has not been possible to
select a full team from the named races an athlete may be selected to gain experience.

Please note the SHI is a self-funded event. You may be eligible to apply for funding from clubs, councils
etc. NI athletes are welcome to read the NIOA policy on International Representation.

Races to be considered for selectionRaces to be considered for all known form
JK Middle & Long (30th & 31st Mar)
Leinster Champs (16th Apr) OR NI
Champs (2nd Mar) (if LOC not
IOC Middle & Long (4th & 5th May)
a. JK & IOC Relay (1st Apr & 6th May)
b. Any WRE (Long/Middle) before 16th June 2024

Official policy downloadable below.

Orienteering in Ireland
Orienteering Ireland, Irish Sport HQ, Blanchardstown
D15 DY62, Ireland