Senior Squad selection policyTeam IrelandWorld Orienteering Championships, Edinburgh 2024

We, the selectors and High Performance Manager, are excited to announce the selection policy WOC 2024 for the Senior Orienteering Team Ireland. 

This endeavor aims to assemble a team of skilled athletes who will proudly represent our nation in upcoming competitions.

 It is imperative that all eligible athletes, current members of the Junior and Senior teams, thoroughly review the criteria to understand the expectations and requirements. 

 The comprehensive criteria for selection have been outlined in the PDF document.

 The selection process is a testament to our commitment to excellence, and we encourage every eligible athlete to participate actively.

 Your dedication and passion for orienteering are vital in shaping the success of Team Ireland.

 As the venue for the IOC Sprint has now been confirmed, please observe the immediate embargo on the IOC ‘24 sprint venue/area.

We look forward to witnessing the outstanding talents within our team and assembling a formidable Senior Orienteering Team Ireland. 

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