Senior Selection Policies 2016

I am now in a position to announce the selection policies for WOC 2016 and the SHI 2016.

WOC 2016

Irish WOC Selection Policy 2016

The selection panel (Kyle Heron, Helen Baxter & Paul O’Sullivan-Hourihan) would like to acknowledge the commitment of the athletes and wish them all well in the selection process.


Dear athletes,
  •  As you are probably aware, there is a chance that at the nominated Swedish selection races, it may be the case that all Irish athletes are not able to run on the same course. Although this is not ideal from a selectors, or athletes, point of view, these will still be considered as selection races.
  • The courses will be planned by the same team, to the same standards, in the same terrain, and so as selectors it will be possible for us to compare performances between Irish athletes on different courses.
  • You can be assured that our priority is always to make the selection process as fair as possible, and the integrity of the selection process will not be affected by this. We advise all athletes to enter the elite courses as normal, wish all athletes competing the best of luck, and to not be concerned in any way if you are on a separate elite course to other athletes.


** 15/05/2016

As a result of discussions with athletes after the IOC2016 sprint race it was decided to hold an alternative  sprint selection race for the men.

The result of the women’s race still stands for selection.
The results of the IOC2016 (sprint) for men are not now being considered.
The selection panel have worked at sourcing a new race and this will be held either Saturday July 2nd or Sunday July 3rd  – Actual date and location ( in Ireland ) to be confirmed by Monday June 13th.
As this only affects the Men’s sprint selection the Selection panel intend to still announce the rest of the team as planned in the selection policy on June 17th.
The Men’s sprint selection will be announced Monday July 4th – 6 weeks before WOC2016 Sweden.
Apologies for any inconvenience but this decision is taken in the best interests of Team Ireland and the athletes involved.




SHI 2016

IRELAND SHI 2016 Selection Policy

This is Ireland’s 2016 SHI Selection Policy. The selectors (Allan Bogle, Philip Baxter & Mike Long) would like to thank everyone for their input with regards to the policy.

It is suggested that you declare yourself available even if you don’t know so far in advance- as long as you let Allan Bogle know about unavailability before the selection date (end of June 2016).
The selectors would like to wish you all good luck with your up coming competition season.
Darren Burke
Director of High Performance Orienteering
Irish Orienteering Association
Orienteering in Ireland
Orienteering Ireland, Irish Sport HQ, Blanchardstown
D15 DY62, Ireland