SE Primary school results

A huge turnout of 350 Primary school children at Faithlegg woods required the full support of many WATO club members. Thank you to Ian, Nigel, Andrew, Pat and Veronica, Hugh, Mary and TY pupils from Newtown School.

Waterpark were the winners of the Overall shield for best school. The closest contest was in 5th class girls where the team places were separated by 17 seconds. Full results here.
6th Class Boys
1. Jack Walshe and Andrew Mulhall (Butlerstown); 2. Jack Kelly and Neil Quinn (Waterpark); 3. John Manto and Patrick Browne; 4. Jordan Pim and Killian (Dunhill)
Teams: 1 Waterpark; 2. Butlerstown; 3. Dunhill; 4. Newtown; 5. St Canices; 6. Educate Together; 7. Faithlegg
6th Class Girls
1. Ciara Silby and Sophie Daniels (John of Gods); 2. Marie Claire Nies and Anete Zeibote (Newtown); 3. Hazel Purcell and Lisa Brosnan (John of Gods); 4. Sophie O’Byrne and Hannah Jacob (John of Gods).
Teams: 1. John of Gods; 2. Newtown; 3. Waterpark; 4. St Canices; 5. Butlerstown; 6. Faithlegg; 7. Eductae Together.
5th Class Boys
1. Joshua Good and Thomas Drayson (Newtown); 2. Precious Owoeye and Matej Bartosek (Newtown); 3. Matthew Doherty and John Monaghan (Faithlegg); 4. Mesbah Karimi and Erti Ibrahimi (Waterpark)
Teams: 1. Newtown; 2. Faithlegg; 3. Educate Together; 4. Waterpark
5th class Girls
1. Emma O’Keeffe and Clara Boland (Waterpark); 2. Kasha Ryan and Amy Frisby (John of Gods); 3. Rachel Bolger and Eve Kelly (Faithlegg); 4. Lauren Fitzgerald and Louie Aherne (John of Gods)
Teams: 1. Waterpark; 2. John of Gods; 3. Faithlegg; 4. Newtown; 5. Educate Together.
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