Woodstock Gardens & Arbotetum


Southeast League / No. 2

Long Medium Scouts Short Med Score

Long 6.180km 160m 24 controls

1Tony MaherM50Defence Forces77:56
2Ciara SilbyW18WATO79:30

Medium 4.830km 120m 19 controls

1Pat O'ConnorM50WATO50:32
2Jordan PimW14WATO63:18
3Steve HoganM35WATO67:48
4Jean O'NeillW70Fingal69:22
5Finlay McHardyM10WATO69:34
6Rory McHardyM10WATO69:46
7Ian McHardyM45WATO70:15
8Cathy KennedyW35WATO82:24
9Patrick and Graham 1st Wexford cubs84:09
10Debrah Cahill FogartyW21WATO91:13
11Frank FogartyM20WATO91:16
12Jeni PimW40WATO105:45
13Eimear Whelan 1st Kilkenny109:54

Scouts 2.960km 17 controls

1Eanna, Billy and Roan 12th Wexford Scouts47:22
2Daragh McMorrow 1st Kilkenny49:05
3Adam and Sean 12th Wexford Scouts52:15
4Rory Smithwick 1st Kilkenny53:31
5Mark Fitzpatrick 1st Kilkenny53:32
6Shane McCallum 1st Kilkenny66:32
7Cian Courtney 1st Kilkenny66:36
8William Murphy 1st Kilkenny87:41
9Cian Kenny 1st Kilkenny87:43
10Eoghan Phelan 1st Kilkenny104:55
11Killian O'Shaughnessy 1st Kilkenny105:03
12Nathan Staunton 1st Kilkenny106:44
13Lia Grogan 109:07
14Fiona ni Mhullain 109:12
15Jack Morrisey 1st Kilkenny114:34
16Michael Whelan 1st Kilkenny114:37
17Conor Gleeson 1st Kilkenny128:56
18Sean Og-Hetherington 1st Kilkenny129:08
19Luke Minogue 1st Kilkenny132:48
20Osgar Dowie 1st Kilkenny132:56
21Aaron Korthout 1st Kilkenny133:27
Pat Cashin 12th Wexford ScoutsDNF
Jack Lawlor 1st KilkennyDNF
Matthew Lawlor 1st KilkennyDNF
Peter and John 12th Wexford ScoutsDNF
Eoghan WhelanM141st Kilkenny20:32N/C
Mathhew O'Neill 1st KilkennyDNF

Short 2.680km 13 controls

1Sadbh Muldowney 29:51
2Ava Murphy 29:53
3Aoife Melanophy 34:33
4Sinead Dowling 34:37
5Ciara Doyle 34:43
6Kevin O'Connor 36:31
7Cillian Muldowney 36:36
8Eoin Melanophy 36:39
9Steve Silby WATO38:59
10Cormac McDonnell 42:02
11Sally Silby WATO43:20
12Stephen O'Neill 1st Kilkenny46:31
13Molly and Ger McMorrow 1st Kilkenny46:42
14Tori McDonell 48:27
15Imelda HoganW35WATO65:19
16Yonas and Kenny 1st Kilkenny68:33
17Eoin Noel 80:28
18Jonathan and Rory 12th Wexford Scouts81:48
19Finn and Calum 12th Wexford Scouts85:44
20Emer NoelW10101:00
Rodica Popescu DNF
Christine Popescu DNF
Amy Popescu DNF
Eimear CaseyW10WATODNF
Liam CaseyM10WATODNF

Med Score 19 controls

NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Eoghan WhelanM141st Kilkenny41:1118018000
2Shane Minogue 1st Kilkenny136:1115015000
3Philip and Sarah 12th Wexford Scouts109:4410010000
4Cillian and Dylan 1st Wexford cubs96:36909000
4Helena Phelan 1st Kilkenny102:21909000
4Patrick Phelan 1st Kilkenny102:20909000
4Conor and Shane 1st Wexford cubs96:10909000
8Joshua Lawlor 1st Wexford cubs104:46808000
8James Byrne 1st Kilkenny120:06808000
8Nathan Lawlor 1st Wexford cubs104:49808000
Ruby, Aoife and Michael 1st Wexford cubsDNF909000N/C
Ben and Sinead 1st Wexford cubsDNF909000N/C
Sean and Rohan 1st Wexford cubsDNF10010000N/C

Action took 0.002 seconds
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