Marlay Park


Leinster Schools League (Primary) / No. 1

6th Class Girls 5th Class Girls 5th Class Boys 6th Class Boys Beginners

6th Class Girls 2.800km 15 controls

1Ruth Dillon6th Class GirlsRathfarnham Parish N.S22:18
2Emma Clerkin6th Class GirlsKildare Place School23:02
3Aimee-Rose Fitzmaurice6th Class GirlsKildare Place School24:35
4Joanna Loughran6th Class GirlsKildare Place School25:26
5Sinead Kearns6th Class GirlsCannistown NS26:42
6Laura Clerkin6th Class GirlsKildare Place School26:50
7Elle Walsh Giguere6th Class GirlsSt Pius X GNS29:36
8Molly Kelly & Moya Tobin6th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS30:01
9Chloe Kinsella6th Class GirlsKildare Place School30:17
10Cadhla Butler & Becky Robinson6th Class GirlsRathfarnham Parish N.S31:09
11Jessica Wall-Morris & Lucy Ke6th Class GirlsWhitechurch NS32:16
12Clodagh Gillmor6th Class GirlsKildare Place School32:55
13Sophie O' Connor & Jessica McEvoy6th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS33:07
14Ashley Mitchell & Alexandra Stewart-Miller6th Class GirlsWhitechurch NS33:08
15Ella Vaughan6th Class GirlsKildare Place School33:16
16Ava Purcell6th Class GirlsSkryne NS34:15
17Kym Kearney & Isabelle Pierce6th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS34:29
18Poppy Hall & Zoe Robertson6th Class GirlsRathfarnham Parish N.S35:15
19Abby Keating & Carla Kelly6th Class GirlsTinahely NS35:59
20Ciara Smyth6th Class GirlsSkryne NS36:58
21Antonia Donnellan & Isabelle Goulding6th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS37:24
22Sophie Hogan & Sophie Hendy6th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS38:05
23Emma Fitzgibbon & France Takaicavili6th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS39:50
24Caitlin Smith & Hannah McCarthy6th Class GirlsRathfarnham Parish N.S40:06
25Millie Poskitt6th Class GirlsKildare Place School40:32
26Julianne Furlong & Ella O' Ke6th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS41:35
27Emily Maguire6th Class GirlsKildare Place School41:44
27Almha Fitzpatrick & Sarah McM6th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS41:44
29Samantha Clarke6th Class GirlsSkryne NS43:42
30Tasha Farrell & Robyn Hamilto6th Class GirlsTinahely NS44:03
31Lauren Hickey6th Class GirlsSkryne NS44:12
32Steffi Finegan6th Class GirlsSkryne NS44:56
33Megan Boud & Sarah Doyle6th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS45:34
34Annaleigh O'Neill & Ashleigh6th Class GirlsTinahely NS47:17
35Libby Perdue & Rachel Robinson6th Class GirlsRathfarnham Parish N.S48:05
36Sasha Guirey6th Class GirlsSkryne NS49:24
37Emma Coogan & Amy Comerford6th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS49:38
38Kellie Maher Byrne & Róisin D6th Class GirlsTinahely NS50:32
39Isobel Warnock & Ellie Cole6th Class GirlsRathfarnham Parish N.S52:13
40Claire Tuite6th Class GirlsRathfarnham Parish N.S52:59
41Niamh Cahill6th Class GirlsSkryne NS58:43
42Charlotte Hayes6th Class GirlsSkryne NS64:44
43Mia Kennedy & Kate Collins6th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS72:29
44Suki Bailey6th Class GirlsKildare Place School73:25
45Megan Clarke6th Class GirlsSkryne NS73:48
46Molly Fitzpatrick6th Class GirlsSkryne NS74:11
47Niamh McKeown6th Class GirlsSkryne NS81:15
48Caitlin Jameson & Molly O'Dar6th Class GirlsTinahely NS88:11
Amy Breslin6th Class GirlsKildare Place SchoolDNF
Grace Robbins6th Class GirlsKildare Place SchoolDNF
Moya Silke6th Class GirlsKildare Place SchoolDNF
Ava Thornton6th Class GirlsKildare Place SchoolDNF
Aoife Gilbourne6th Class GirlsKildare Place SchoolDNF
Charlotte Burge6th Class GirlsKildare Place SchoolDNF
Esmeé Breakwell6th Class GirlsKildare Place SchoolDNF
Una Doyle6th Class GirlsSkryne NSDNF
Amy O'Gorman & Georgia May Staunton6th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Anastasia Brosnan & Grace O' Donnell6th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Mimi Kelly & Abbey McCartan6th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Karen Fenton & Emily Mc Carth6th Class GirlsWhitechurch NSDNF
Anna Forbes & Amy Stewart-Cahill6th Class GirlsWhitechurch NSDNF
Miya Bannister & Kiki Needham6th Class GirlsWhitechurch NSDNF

5th Class Girls 2.330km 13 controls

1Sinead Young5th Class GirlsCorduff ns14:51
2Alice Lacy & Grace Hanratty5th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS25:24
3Anna Simpson5th Class GirlsSt Anne's NS29:10
4Holly Gregory & Ruby May5th Class GirlsTinahely NS30:37
5Mia Mulvaney5th Class GirlsSkryne NS33:08
6Aine Moss5th Class GirlsSkryne NS34:08
7Aisling O'Connor5th Class GirlsSkryne NS34:57
8Eva Mc Ginley5th Class GirlsSt Anne's NS35:08
9Georgia L'estrange & Isabelle O' Neill5th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS36:19
10Ellie Murphy5th Class GirlsSkryne NS37:18
11Tríona Rogerson & Ali O' Brien5th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS38:42
12Amy Burchill5th Class GirlsSt Anne's NS38:43
13Emma O Beirne and Úna Burke5th Class GirlsKildare Place School40:04
14Rachel Hedderman & Emma Kinsella5th Class GirlsTinahely NS40:43
15Lauren Mealia5th Class GirlsSt Anne's NS41:25
16Charlotte Johnston, Rebecca Howe & Helen Farrell5th Class GirlsRathfarnham Parish N.S41:38
17Emma Mc Alinden5th Class GirlsSt Anne's NS41:43
18Chloe Hogan & Kate Kelly5th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS42:42
19Eve Morris5th Class GirlsSkryne NS43:50
20Sarah Pryce5th Class GirlsSt Anne's NS45:01
21Holly Crossan & Francesca Bellamy5th Class GirlsWhitechurch NS45:35
22Ruby Mc Guinness & Ella Sparling5th Class GirlsWhitechurch NS45:48
23Katie Hopkins & Bonnie Nolan5th Class GirlsRathfarnham Parish N.S46:48
24Sophia Cerasi & Aida McElhinney5th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS46:49
25Ella O Connell and Eimear McHale5th Class GirlsKildare Place School46:59
26Grainne Hanly5th Class GirlsSkryne NS47:12
27Niamh Murray5th Class GirlsSt Anne's NS48:15
28Emma Fitzpatrick & Sarah Jerrard Dunne5th Class GirlsRathfarnham Parish N.S48:41
29Kate Lacy & Sadhbh O' Byrne5th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS48:44
30Martha Johnston & Elly Maher5th Class GirlsRathfarnham Parish N.S49:55
31Lisa Browne5th Class GirlsSkryne NS51:01
32Emma Collins5th Class GirlsSt Anne's NS52:59
33Lily Conway & Shona Mc Fadyen5th Class GirlsWhitechurch NS53:00
34Amelia Trenaman & Cate Mc Nevin5th Class GirlsWhitechurch NS56:45
35Emma O' Neill5th Class GirlsSt Anne's NS57:18
36Cecily Hayes5th Class GirlsSkryne NS58:01
37Piper Gilbert Wright & Rebecca Stronge5th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NS59:30
38Roisin McManus5th Class GirlsSkryne NS59:40
39Chloe Hilliard5th Class GirlsSt Anne's NS62:51
40Alyse Clarke5th Class GirlsSkryne NS66:01
41Leah O' Brien5th Class GirlsSt Anne's NS66:52
42Sadhbh Keegan5th Class GirlsSt Anne's NS70:54
43Rebecca Breen & Jane Fitzgerald5th Class GirlsTinahely NS77:56
44Sophie Gargan5th Class GirlsSkryne NS89:12
45Georgia McNevin5th Class GirlsSkryne NS96:19
Camille Morrissey and Emily Breslin5th Class GirlsKildare Place SchoolDNF
Grace Martin, Kate Woods and Sophie Mullet5th Class GirlsKildare Place SchoolDNF
Mia Randles and Cathy Rolfe5th Class GirlsKildare Place SchoolDNF
Coco Lynn Brown and Sophie Donnan5th Class GirlsKildare Place SchoolDNF
Kate Pemberton & Kiera Ross5th Class GirlsRathfarnham Parish N.SDNF
Abbie Birney & Grace McKenna5th Class GirlsRathfarnham Parish N.SDNF
Ailbhe O'Regan5th Class GirlsSkryne NSDNF
Meabh Lynch5th Class GirlsSkryne NSDNF
Caoimhe O'Grady5th Class GirlsSkryne NSDNF
Chloe Fitzgerald5th Class GirlsSt Anne's NSDNF
Kate Goggin & Lily-Ha Maguire5th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Cara Dotchin Smith & Katie Callery5th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Lucy Canny & Zoe Dunne5th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Maggie O' Shea & Síadan Santini5th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Emily Murray & Tanya Scanlan5th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Alexandra Dennis & Victoria McConnell5th Class GirlsSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Jamie Dempsey & Holly Kavanagh5th Class GirlsTinahely NSDNF
Sarah Cron & Lauren Mackey5th Class GirlsWhitechurch NSDNF
Chris Whelan-Wright & Lise-Marie Kasselman5th Class GirlsWhitechurch NSDNF

5th Class Boys 2.980km 15 controls

1Kim Guinness & Simon Comerford5th Class BoysWhitechurch NS25:07
2JP Breslin and Colin Moissard5th Class BoysKildare Place School28:01
3Niall Perry5th Class BoysSt Anne's NS29:11
4Matthew Griffin5th Class BoysSt Anne's NS30:00
5Frank Moran, Jamie Carson and Patrick McEnroe5th Class BoysKildare Place School30:28
6Dylan Murphy5th Class BoysSkryne NS30:41
7Kevin Cooney5th Class BoysSkryne NS32:10
8Oran O'Rourke5th Class BoysSkryne NS32:38
9Ben Brophy5th Class BoysSt Anne's NS33:01
10Matthew Ryan5th Class BoysSkryne NS33:20
11Mixie McCarthy and Tom Healy5th Class BoysKildare Place School33:34
12Tommy Tobin5th Class BoysSkryne NS34:21
13Zenan Spain & Ben Hamilton5th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.S34:43
14Darragh O'Dowd5th Class BoysSkryne NS35:14
15Diego Calvert Cebreros5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NS36:05
16Havery Browne and Sam Walker5th Class BoysKildare Place School36:26
17Daniel McAfee and Noah Heslin5th Class BoysKildare Place School37:15
18Zak Farrell5th Class BoysSkryne NS38:46
19Kevin Day5th Class BoysSt Anne's NS38:50
20Finn McLean and Adrian O Leary5th Class BoysKildare Place School39:03
21Daniel Carter and Finley Fry5th Class BoysKildare Place School39:08
22Eoin Quinn & Luke Horgan5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NS39:34
23Daragh Donnelly5th Class BoysSt Anne's NS40:05
24Ciaran Fox5th Class BoysSkryne NS41:22
25Jonathan Ralph & Christian Morrow5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NS41:49
26Cole Bateson5th Class BoysSt Anne's NS43:03
27Odhran Girvin5th Class BoysCorduff ns43:07
28Ross Abraham & Harry Brewer5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NS43:12
29Daragh Young5th Class BoysCorduff ns43:16
30Adam O' Toole5th Class BoysSt Anne's NS45:09
31Kevin Locta5th Class BoysSt Anne's NS45:34
32Sean Doyle & Kacper Sliwinski5th Class BoysTinahely NS45:40
33Josh Cooper5th Class BoysSt Anne's NS47:03
34Gary Everard5th Class BoysSkryne NS47:46
35Calum Fagan5th Class BoysSkryne NS48:21
36Tom Cussen5th Class BoysSt Anne's NS50:35
37Michael Penar-Turner & Jack Younge5th Class BoysWhitechurch NS51:22
38Matteo Free & Sam Kelly5th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.S51:50
39Tom Whelan & Evan Kelleher5th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.S54:43
40Stephen Corry5th Class BoysSkryne NS55:43
41Zac Reid & Charlie O'Neill5th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.S56:22
42Luke Ingle & Jett Gilbert Wright5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NS58:20
43Ciaran Quinn5th Class BoysSkryne NS66:16
44Harry Batt5th Class BoysSt Anne's NS75:12
45Angelo Prades5th Class BoysSt Anne's NS77:59
46Joseph Gavin-Lynch & Daniel Tighe5th Class BoysTinahely NS80:34
Callum Lennon, Andrew Robinson & Daniel Sisson5th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.SDNF
Andrew Sykes & Calum Smyth5th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.SDNF
Ryan Smith & Ashley McNally5th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.SDNF
Charlie Swan5th Class BoysSkryne NSDNF
Loius Morris5th Class BoysSkryne NSDNF
Cillian Manning5th Class BoysSkryne NSDNF
Ben O'Reilly5th Class BoysSkryne NSDNF
Cillian Smyth5th Class BoysSkryne NSDNF
Ben Mooney5th Class BoysSkryne NSDNF
Jamie Louth5th Class BoysSt Anne's NSDNF
Charlie Duffy5th Class BoysSt Anne's NSDNF
Allen Jose5th Class BoysSt Anne's NSDNF
Jack Madill5th Class BoysSt Anne's NSDNF
David Smith & Cathal Duggan5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Conor Jansen &Jack Sullivan5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Johnny Flynn & Jack O' Gorman5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Adam Shields & Jamie Keneghan5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
James Henry Brennan & Luke Turvey5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Kut Dolan & Kevin O' Sullivan5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Dylan Egan & Odhran Mulhall5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Ewan Mc Hugh & Alex Whelan5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Josh O' Sullivan & Shane Mac Mahon5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Charles Coyle & Ben Moghal5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Cúán Bannon O'Regan & Cillian Wrixon5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Samuel Mc Cormack & Jack O' Hare5th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Ben Williams & Jacob Minehane5th Class BoysWhitechurch NSDNF
Dylan Dickson-Santos & Rhys Byrne5th Class BoysWhitechurch NSDNF
Enis Salman & Aiden O'Hara5th Class BoysWhitechurch NSDNF

6th Class Boys 3.250km 17 controls

1Alex Schmeider6th Class BoysSkryne NS21:07
2Brandyn Droomgoole & Conor White6th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NS22:47
3John Finnerty6th Class BoysSkryne NS23:05
4Conor r Whitaker6th Class BoysKildare Place School25:37
5Jack Thornton6th Class BoysKildare Place School28:20
6Dan Coogan6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNS29:40
7Dara Fitzpatrick & Archie Sheridan6th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.S30:06
8Darragh Butler6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNS30:33
9Oscar Randles6th Class BoysKildare Place School30:37
10Conor Ward6th Class BoysSkryne NS30:44
11Luke Caldwell & Conor Walsh & Oscar Comerford6th Class BoysWhitechurch NS31:11
12Shane O'Connor6th Class BoysSkryne NS31:43
13Cian Cullen & JackGilroy6th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NS32:50
14James Brennan6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNS33:52
15Alex Stewart6th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.S34:33
16Alex O'Hare & Ross Wilgar & Reuben Ross6th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.S38:28
17James MacDonald & Jeffrey Murphy6th Class BoysTinahely NS39:48
18Micah Switzer & Andrew Brown6th Class BoysWhitechurch NS39:54
19Andrew Donovan & Malcolm O'Loughlin6th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.S40:28
20Joshua Ritchie6th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.S41:18
21Adam Aaron6th Class BoysSkryne NS41:53
22Alex Govin6th Class BoysScoil Mhuire Marino42:22
23Sean O'Brien6th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.S42:47
24Mark Swan6th Class BoysSkryne NS42:54
25Ben Coffey & Josh Fallon6th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NS43:28
26Jack McGinn6th Class BoysKildare Place School44:03
27Paul Butterfield6th Class BoysScoil Mhuire Marino44:21
28Ross Williams & Alex Rainsberry6th Class BoysWhitechurch NS44:49
29Paul McCormack & Dylan Moran6th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NS45:29
30Lorcan n Deely6th Class BoysKildare Place School46:06
31Boris Ivanoff & Larry Kinsella6th Class BoysTinahely NS48:08
32Kevin Murray & Josh McLaughlin6th Class BoysTinahely NS49:01
33Hugo Chaloner6th Class BoysKildare Place School49:24
34Michael Loughney & Jack Dennis6th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NS49:45
35Ryan Boyd6th Class BoysKildare Place School52:38
36James Dardis6th Class BoysSkryne NS55:02
37Andrew Nolan6th Class BoysSkryne NS55:18
38Cathal Killian6th Class BoysScoil Mhuire Marino56:22
39Glen Myron & Zach Horan6th Class BoysTinahely NS63:35
Thady Lydon6th Class BoysKildare Place SchoolDNF
Sam McCluskie6th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.SDNF
Luke Stevens & Daniel O'Leary6th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.SDNF
Fergus Kelly6th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.SDNF
Nick Wright & Sam Hutchison6th Class BoysRathfarnham Parish N.SDNF
Ben Petherbridge6th Class BoysScoil Mhuire MarinoDNF
Ben Grogan6th Class BoysSkryne NSDNF
Jack Donnelly6th Class BoysSkryne NSDNF
Ben Armstrong6th Class BoysSkryne NSDNF
John O'Regan6th Class BoysSkryne NSDNF
Cillian Moss6th Class BoysSkryne NSDNF
Bahn Delemere6th Class BoysSkryne NSDNF
Cian O' Byrne & Jack Gallagher6th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Conor McGloughlin & Luke Kellett6th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Cian Egan & Ryan Bolger6th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Declan Cooper & Ed Gaffney6th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Dara Power & Colin Buckley6th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Daniel Slein & Luca Raso6th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Seán Spain & David Kiernan6th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Conor Cribben & Denis McCarrick6th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Dylan Flanagan & Dylan Morrow6th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
James Connolly & David Stack6th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Simon Cunningham & Sean McPhilips6th Class BoysSt. Fintan's NSDNF
Jack Brady6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Ethan Garrigan6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Sam Jones6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Jack Gill6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Patrick Browne6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Kevin Hogan6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Jake Dolan6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Bradley Cummins6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Jude Healy6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Eli VanEgeraat6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Christopher Soper6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Max Leddy Sri-Uttha6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Patrick Kelly6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Ushen Wijayaratne6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Joseph MacDermott6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Kevin Tubridy6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Benjamin Walker6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Rory King6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Paul McGorian6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Conor Kenny6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Philip O'Shea6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Dara McCabe6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Daniel Ryan6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Rhys Morgan6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Michael Murphy6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Evan Sheehan6th Class BoysSt. Pius X BNSDNF
Darragh Hayden & Daniel Wright6th Class BoysTinahely NSDNF

Beginners 1.680km 8 controls

1Thomas Kelly & Finean McDonald & Eoin IvanoffBeginnersTinahely NS49:42
2Georgia Horan & Mary-Ann MartinBeginnersTinahely NS58:54
Aimee-Lou MacDonald & Amanda Murphy & Jessica MurphyBeginnersTinahely NSDNF

Action took 0.008 seconds
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