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Southeast Schools Training / No. 1

long medium 1 medium 2 short 1 short 2

long 2.710km 18 controls

1Harry Belton1st YearNewtown School21:34
2Thomas Delaney1st YearNewtown School21:37
3Rhys Kenny4thNewtown School22:33
4unknown 31:26
5Andrew Holden3rd YearColáiste Cois Siuire32:01
6Aaron Cooke3rd YearColáiste Cois Siuire34:08
7Adam O'Brien3rd YearColáiste Cois Siuire34:31
8Tony Liu3rd YearColáiste Cois Siuire35:21
9Danny West3rd YearColáiste Cois Siuire36:20
10Robbie Greene3rd YearColáiste Cois Siuire38:30
11Kyle Fitzmaurice1st YearNewtown School39:01
12Michael Ryan1st YearNewtown School39:09
13Jamie Dodd3rd YearColáiste Cois Siuire39:27
14Kieran O'Donnell1st YearNewtown School41:27
15Brandon Power3rd YearColáiste Cois Siuire42:07
16Ciaran Morris1st YearNewtown School43:20
17Sean Romera1st YearNewtown School43:23
18Nathan Harty3rd YearColáiste Cois Siuire45:46
19Adam Ryan3rd YearColáiste Cois Siuire47:11
20Matthew Mannion3rd YearColáiste Cois Siuire50:41
21Adam Long3rd YearColáiste Cois Siuire52:03
22Aaron Taylor3rd YearColáiste Cois Siuire52:47
23Liam Walsh3rd YearColáiste Cois Siuire52:56
24Thomas Murphy3rd YearColáiste Cois Siuire53:34
25Darren Silke3rd YearColáiste Cois Siuire54:19
Tomas Murphy3rd YearColáiste Cois SiuireDNF
Arron Cooke3rd YearColáiste Cois SiuireDNF
Matthew Mannion3rd YearColáiste Cois SiuireDNF
Luke O'Brien3rd YearColáiste Cois SiuireDNF
Darragh Buckley3rd YearColáiste Cois SiuireDNF

medium 1 1.460km 14 controls

1Harry Belton Thomas Delaney1st YearNewtown School18:01
2Marco Laura Benjamin Kane1st YearNewtown School18:50
3Sean Romera Kieran Morris1st YearNewtown School19:43
4Michael Ryan Kieran O'Donnell1st YearNewtown School21:59
5Luke Ennis6th BoysFenor NS23:40
6Clodagh and Lauren1st YearUrsuline Waterford23:47
7George O'Shea Mark O'Donnell1st YearNewtown School24:44
8Ronan O'Donnell Samuel Kimpton1st YearNewtown School25:42
9Clodagh and Alex1st YearUrsuline Waterford26:41
10JodieTuohy 1st YearUrsuline Waterford28:42
11Georgina Jade1st YearColáiste Cois Siuire29:36
12Kyle Fitzmaurice Benjamin Jones1st YearNewtown School29:59
13Zach Greene Arthur Bilyk1st YearNewtown School31:02
14Ethan Guiney David Groppa1st YearNewtown School32:59
15Tom Woodward, Cilian Keating Donnagh Toomey1st YearNewtown School38:03
16Isabella and Ebony1st YearUrsuline Waterford38:05
17Krisztian Nagy Jesse Cummins1st YearNewtown School38:10
18Eoin Moran Max Miller1st YearNewtown School39:14
19Caoilte Brennan Sa-Ood Abrahams1st YearNewtown School40:10
20Megan Chantelle1st YearColáiste Cois Siuire40:36
21Cian Byrne Luke1st YearColáiste Cois Siuire40:55
22Jack Mitman Ian Balding1st YearNewtown School41:18
23Dean Martin1st YearColáiste Cois Siuire41:56
24Timea and Caoimhe1st YearUrsuline Waterford42:24
25Elisha Shannon1st YearColáiste Cois Siuire45:53
26Roisin Maria Wall1st YearColáiste Cois Siuire46:01
27Emily and Rasmitra1st YearUrsuline Waterford46:17
28Ryan Carroll Arron O'Neill1st YearColáiste Cois Siuire46:39
29Zara and Anna1st YearUrsuline Waterford49:21
30Michael O'Herlihy Isaac Nugent1st YearNewtown School49:42
31Kate Nicola Doyle1st YearColáiste Cois Siuire49:44
32Michael Griffin6th BoysFenor NS50:50
33Michael Pleskot-Mee6th BoysFenor NS51:00
34Edward Griffin6th BoysFenor NS52:28
35Marybeth Rachel1st YearColáiste Cois Siuire60:56
36Leane and Nicole1st YearUrsuline Waterford68:05
37Joseph Nwabuwe Liam Neald1st YearNewtown School75:35
Richard Ward Shazam Saeed1st YearNewtown SchoolDNF
James Grogan Alfie Fitzgerald1st YearNewtown SchoolDNF
Nicola and Janice1st YearUrsuline WaterfordDNF
Martin Swift Eoin O'Reilly1st YearNewtown SchoolDNF
Cian Carroll Smith Tom1st YearColáiste Cois SiuireDNF
Dylan McGrath Billy1st YearColáiste Cois SiuireDNF
Dillon Robert1st YearColáiste Cois SiuireDNF

medium 2 1.470km 15 controls

1Rachel and Grainne1st YearUrsuline Waterford26:37
2Michael Alan2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois Siuire31:52
3Sarah and Clara1st YearUrsuline Waterford32:28
4Emma, Jessica and Aoife1st YearUrsuline Waterford32:41
5Dean Tadhg2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois Siuire32:47
6Daniel Evan2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois Siuire33:32
7Tara Nicole2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois Siuire33:52
8Anthony Aaron2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois Siuire34:30
9Amelia Lawlor Aisling Lawless1st YearNewtown School34:39
10Fiona Ritchie Emma Walsh1st YearNewtown School34:57
11Keegan Jack2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois Siuire35:31
12Emily and Sinead1st YearUrsuline Waterford38:13
13Sophie Quinn Praise Owoeye1st YearNewtown School39:00
14Aine Tara2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois Siuire39:11
15Rachel Shute Claudia Poggioni1st YearNewtown School39:23
16Alesha and Anna1st YearUrsuline Waterford39:28
17Aoife and Isabel1st YearUrsuline Waterford42:15
18Amber Keavy2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois Siuire43:05
19Tommy and Liam2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois Siuire43:10
20Molly Juilet/Catriona2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois Siuire45:14
21Abbie and Nicole1st YearUrsuline Waterford46:42
22Cillian and David1st YearNewtown School46:46
23Anna and Shakira1st YearUrsuline Waterford47:39
24Lauryn Sarah Lynch2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois Siuire48:45
25Sophie Roisin2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois Siuire50:50
26Sarah O'Neill Leah2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois Siuire52:24
27Marta Cano Fernandez Alanna Carera-Pinto1st YearNewtown School52:47
28Maria Bovenizer Teagan Stanley1st YearNewtown School52:50
29Jazmine Allanah2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois Siuire53:24
30Holly and Sarah1st YearUrsuline Waterford57:20
31Katie Leslie Sarah Kavanagh1st YearNewtown School61:40
32Eve Delaney Xin Yi Chen1st YearNewtown School64:06
33Lauren Palmer Khalidat Kadiri1st YearNewtown School64:51
34Hannah Power Mercy Onabanjo1st YearNewtown School72:08
35Charlotte Molloy Eve McCarthy1st YearNewtown School90:45
Ruby Ware Elizabeth Tihomirova1st YearNewtown SchoolDNF
Violet and Sophia1st YearUrsuline WaterfordDNF
Mia McConnell Robyn Lee1st YearNewtown SchoolDNF
Hannah Doyle Isabel Black1st YearNewtown SchoolDNF
Grace Thompson Jasmine Slatter1st YearNewtown SchoolDNF
Megan and Katelyn1st YearUrsuline WaterfordDNF
Louisa Shauna2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois SiuireDNF
Niamh Bhrianna2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois SiuireDNF
Conor and Robbie2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois SiuireDNF
Kate/Kari Caitlin2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois SiuireDNF
Tommy Nadine2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois SiuireDNF
Gary Matthew2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois SiuireDNF
Aoife Jade2nd & 3rd YearsColáiste Cois SiuireDNF

short 1 1.210km 14 controls

1Nathan Murray Josh Connolly5th PairsFenor NS28:11
2Louisa Flynn Emma beadle5th PairsSt John of God Ms Hartery29:33
3Harry OÂ’Shea and Alex Carr5th PairsChristchurch NS30:07
4Sophie Kirby Lydia Rowe5th PairsSt John of God Ms Hartery30:43
5AoibheWaring Emma Kennedy5th PairsSt John of God Ms Hartery35:21
6Jack Keating Adam Rainey5th PairsFenor NS37:40
7Julie Aoife Aspel5th PairsSt John of God Ms Hartery38:56
8Katie Earl and Axelle Ievers5th PairsChristchurch NS39:34
9Tara Quinn Niamh Gavin5th PairsFenor NS40:52
10Saad and Glenn5th PairsNewtown JS44:37
11Giorgie Morrissey SophieReid5th PairsSt John of God Ms Hartery45:17
12Heather Breen Ella Dalton5th PairsFenor NS45:25
13Lily Power Melanie Buck5th PairsFenor NS46:34
14Jane Roche Alena Hacket5th PairsFenor NS46:41
15Hannah O'Shea Freya Bolster5th PairsFenor NS47:33
16Milo and Alexander5th PairsNewtown JS48:28
17Martha 5th PairsFenor NS49:18
18Hannah Emily Fanning5th PairsSt John of God Ms Hartery50:02
19Amber Mc Nally Aoife Rudden5th PairsSt John of God Ms Hartery51:25
20Robyn Sarah5th PairsSt John of God Ms Hartery51:33
21Lucy Katie5th PairsSt John of God Ms Hartery52:53
22Emily Seol Emily Partridge5th PairsSt John of God Ms Hartery54:02
23Nataliya OÂ’Neill and Saoirse5th PairsChristchurch NS58:52
24Amy Flynn Charlotte Keyes5th PairsSt John of God Ms Hartery59:34
25Ciara O' Reilly Jessica McEvoy5th PairsFenor NS63:57
Colm Doyle Joe Hearne5th PairsFenor NSDNF
Luke Power John Halley5th PairsFenor NSDNF
Heather and Harriet5th PairsChristchurch NSDNF
Dylan McCarthy Cullinane Martha Power5th PairsFenor NSDNF
David Ă“g Daniels Kate Purcell5th PairsFenor NSDNF
Molly Browne Zakira Iza5th PairsFenor NSDNF
Yvette Sullivan and Zara Notley5th PairsChristchurch NSDNF
Malachy Shute and Charlie Porter5th PairsChristchurch NSDNF
Harriet Thompson and Heather Wilson5th PairsChristchurch NSDNF
Emma O'Keeffe Kate Nolan5th PairsSt John of God Ms HarteryDNF
Conor and Saleh5th PairsNewtown JSDNF
Anna, Hana and Eavan5th PairsNewtown JSDNF
Dylan and Fabio5th PairsNewtown JSDNF
Sorcha and Reanna5th PairsNewtown JSDNF
Alexis and Luke5th PairsNewtown JSDNF

short 2 1.200km 13 controls

1Joe Manning Charlie Binnions6th PairsFenor NS13:43
2Daniel and Niall6th PairsNewtown JS19:12
3Nathanial McBarnett and Ben Kingston6th PairsChristchurch NS20:43
4Emma Burke Sophie Hayes6th PairsSt John of God Ms Sheane22:29
5Olivia Heyes Sophie Doyle6th PairsSt John of God Ms Sheane23:02
6Mark Branigan Stephen McGrath6th PairsFenor NS24:29
7Kerrie Ezenwa and Molly Green6th PairsChristchurch NS24:40
8Alice Walsh Sofia O'Neill6th PairsSt John of God Ms Sheane24:58
9Mishelle Palatty Sophia Paprirova6th PairsSt John of God Ms Sheane25:07
10Robin Lenihan Ben Wilmott6th PairsFenor NS25:21
11Jai Widger Liam O'Flynn6th PairsFenor NS25:23
12Calvin McMahon David McDonagh6th PairsFenor NS25:44
13Caoimhe Mooore Laura Kennedy6th PairsSt John of God Ms Sheane26:25
14Kate Landy Lucy Guinan6th PairsSt John of God Ms Sheane27:07
15Ben Mitchell and Luke Shaw6th PairsChristchurch NS27:42
16Joel and Conor McGeary6th PairsChristchurch NS27:58
17Emma McMahon and Rachel McGuinness6th PairsChristchurch NS29:30
18Kyle And Hugo6th PairsNewtown JS29:57
19Sarah Doolin Sheenagh Whelehan6th PairsSt John of God Ms Sheane30:00
20Sandra Moquen Tamen and Melanie Jephson6th PairsChristchurch NS30:25
21Adam Sweeney and Hugo Deegan6th PairsChristchurch NS31:02
22Moya O'Shea Mencia Gomez6th PairsSt John of God Ms Sheane32:05
23Arthur and Israel6th PairsChristchurch NS32:41
24Dean Fine Sean Allen6th PairsFenor NS32:54
25Luc and Alex6th PairsNewtown JS34:04
26Molly Coughlan and Ida Kwakuvi6th PairsChristchurch NS34:11
27Holly, Katie and Maebh6th PairsNewtown JS34:40
28Naomi Varley and Naledi Lelaka6th PairsChristchurch NS36:37
29Denis,Sam and Finley6th PairsNewtown JS39:51
30Aoife O' Conor Clodagh O'Brien6th PairsFenor NS41:12
31Grace and Dania6th PairsNewtown JS43:47
32Aoife C,Lauren H and Sarah R6th PairsFenor NS53:10
33Jude and Beth Foley6th PairsSt John of God Ms Sheane58:28
34Ciara Walker, Danielle H Jude Lee6th PairsSt John of God Ms Sheane67:30
35Amelie Falconer Lily Joy6th PairsSt John of God Ms Sheane78:17
Alice Roche Orla O'Mahony6th PairsFenor NSDNF
Julie Noonan Emma Parnell6th PairsSt John of God Ms SheaneDNF
Kate and Sarah6th PairsSt John of God Ms HarteryDNF
Jack and Ruben6th PairsNewtown JSDNF

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