Tramore Sand Dunes


Munster League / Southeast League / No. 6 / No. 11

Blue Brown Green Light green Red Yellow

Blue 5.810km 17 controls

1Niamh CorbettW20Cork47:38
2Emer PerkinsW16Bishopstown57:02
3Richard LatimerM45Bishopstown57:21
4Steve PerkinsM55Bishopstown74:52
5Eileen YoungW45Fingal79:45
6Tom PowerM50WATO82:36
7Bernie O' BoyleW55Curragh-Naas87:20
8Willie FitzgeraldM50Cork94:31
9Christer BergagardM55Tolerod Utby Ol97:20
10Lisbeth BergagardW55Tolerod Utby Ol97:26

Brown 6.820km 20 controls

1Robert PimM18WATO53:22
2Conall WhelanM18Curragh-Naas58:08
3Pat O'DonovanM50Bishopstown66:19
4Val JonesM60Fingal69:36
5Senan O'BoyleM55Curragh-Naas77:31
6Jonatthan PimM18WATO95:17
7John O'DonovanM50Cork96:02
Andrew PimM50WATO52:19N/C
Brian CorbettM55CorkDNF
Agris KraminsM21CorkDNF

Green 4.420km 16 controls

1Liisa HonkasaariW45WATO55:53
2Nora PerkinsW50Bishopstown74:55
3Ciara SilbyW16WATO77:23
4Steve SilbyM50WATO81:35
5Norman StoreyM65WATO90:30
6Pat HutchinsonM45WATO98:05
7Aine JoyceW50Great Eastern Navigators99:46
8Debbie WhelanW45Curragh-Naas102:20

Light green 3.580km 14 controls

1Liz DeaneW55Cork44:02
2Eoghan WhelanM12WATO52:01
3Aislinn CalleryW12WATO54:02
4Alex MadiganM16St Pauls61:47
5Thomas and NiamhM14St Pauls64:02
6Treasa O'DonovanW40Bishopstown81:11
7Elizabeth StoreyW65WATO100:14
8Angela Cox WATO100:17
Sarah SilbyW14WATODNF

Red 12 controls

1Liam CaseyM10WATO28:34
2Finlay McHardyM10WATO28:44
3Kyle SullivanM12WATO31:24
4Sally ThomW45WATO38:23
5Kevin and Ewan BurnsM10Defence Forces40:38
6Louis SullivanM14WATO41:26
7Neema and AoifeW14Tramore Guides43:31
8JJ and Jude St Pauls49:29
9Isabel and KatieW14Tramore Guides54:15
10Kaitlin, Meadhbh, Amy Blackwater guides59:12
11Conor and AndrieusM12St Pauls61:32
12Lauren and Hope Kilmuckridge guides61:33
13Sarah and Emma Kilmuckbridge62:10
14Amy and Chloe Kilmuckridge guides63:13
15Megan and Shauna Clonard Guides63:33
16Lily and EllaW12St Pauls64:27
17Sophie and AvaW12St Pauls66:05
18Grace and Lauren Castlebridge Guides66:10
19Sian and AmyW12St Pauls67:06
20Aoife and Abbi Castlebridge Guides67:41
21Karsen and KayleighW12St Pauls67:49
22Ciara and Rebcca Clonard Guides69:30
23Aisling and Anna Tramore Guides80:42
24Rachel and Lydia Clonard Guides97:49
Lana, Emma Clonard GuidesDNF
Lily Mae and Caelia Castlebridge GuidesDNF
Casey and Eva Clonard GuidesDNF
Vicky and Katelynr Tramore GuidesDNF
Kelly and Kezia Tramore GuidesDNF

Yellow 8 controls

1Evan SullivanM10WATO27:57
2Niamh CalleryW10WATO29:36
3Eimear Casey WATO39:28
4Rory McHardyM10WATO39:30
5Hugh Whelan WATO47:33
6Zane Kramina Cork61:23
7Hannah and Caomhe Copper Coast Beavers79:02
8Leah and Cara Copper Coast Beavers79:08
9Emma and Claire Copper Coast Beavers79:09
10Sarah, Aileen and Aoife Copper Coast Beavers79:11
Chloe and Chloe Copper Coast BeaversDNF
Tommy Copper Coast BeaversDNF
Emily and Georgia Copper Coast BeaversDNF
Roisin and Sorcha Copper Coast BeaversDNF
David, Calvin, Fabian Copper Coast BeaversDNF

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