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Kilkenny Scouts / (Closed � Kilkenny Scouts)

Cubs score Scouts 1 Scouts 2

Cubs score 1.410km 18 controls

NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Celts Red C 40:3817017000
1Archers Lt green B 35:5017017000
1Explorers Green C 30:0117017000
1Explorers Green B 34:2917017000
1Barbarians Lt Green B 47:1817017000
1Celts Lt Blue B 47:1417017000
1Fianna Dark Blue A 37:5917017000
8Celts Red A 30:2016016000
8Fianna Red B 38:4716016000
8Archers Lt green A 51:0416016000
8Fianna Green A 40:3116016000
8Barbarians Green C 45:3516016000
8Fianna Green C 40:1416016000
8Barbarians Purple B 30:5516016000
8Celt Black C 29:3216016000
8Celts Black A 39:1716016000
8Fianna Dark Blue C 50:3216016000
8Fianna Red A 38:5016016000
8Explorers Lt Green C 39:0416016000
8Explorers Dark Blue B 42:4916016000
21Explorers Red B 40:5415015000
21Explorers Green A 40:1615015000
21Barbarians Lt Green A 28:0915015000
21Barbarians Green C 28:0115015000
21Archers Yellow A 35:1015015000
21Barbarians Purple A 27:2515015000
21Archers Yellow C 33:5015015000
21Barbarians Green B 36:4515015000
21Celts Black B 33:4815015000
21Unknown 4 33:4815015000
21Explorers Black A 29:4115015000
21Archers Black B 37:2715015000
21Fianna Pur ple A 30:5415015000
21Celts Red D 35:5815015000
21Fianna Lt Blue A 25:4915015000
21Celts Lt Blue A 32:1215015000
21Barbarians Red A 31:1715015000
21Fianna Lt Blue C 36:3915015000
21Celts Dark Blue A 57:3615015000
21Explorers Lt Blue A 53:3515015000
21Fianna Dark Blue B 37:0315015000
21Archers Green A 42:2715015000
21Druids Green A 38:3315015000
21Fianna Red C 39:0115015000
45Druids Green C 57:3614014000
45Druids Green B 58:0414014000
45Druids Red B 38:1514014000
45Druids Lt green C 43:3414014000
45Fianna Yellow A 29:2714014000
45Explorers Lt Blue C 43:2214014000
45Barbarians Yellow B 30:0314014000
45Explorers Red C 35:1814014000
45Fianna Lt Blue B 47:1814014000
45Celts Dark Blue C 38:0814014000
45Archers Dark Blue C 51:4014014000
45Druids Dark Blue A 43:4814014000
45Druids Yellow A 31:3014014000
45Barbarians Lt Blue C 45:3614014000
45Archers Black A 37:2714014000
45Druids red A 40:2814014000
45Celts Yellow B 33:1314014000
62Celts Purple A 37:3613013000
62Druids Yellow C 29:4613013000
62Explorers Lt Blue C 48:0713013000
62Barbarians Yellow A 44:1513013000
62Druids Lt Blue A 39:3613013000
62Druids Lt Green B 44:5913013000
62Fianna Green B 38:0213013000
62Barbarians Red B 35:0913013000
62Fianna Yellow B 28:2713013000
62Explorers Lt Green A 23:4613013000
62Archers Green C 45:0713013000
62Explorers Yellow B 27:3913013000
62Druids Dark Blue B 63:29130170400
75Archers Black C 38:1412012000
75Explorers Purple B 39:3112012000
75Explorers Purple A 39:5912012000
75Archers Lt Blue B 45:1012012000
75Celts Purple B 54:1712012000
75Druids Lt Blue B 24:4512012000
75Explorers Yellow C 27:5812012000
75Fianna Purple B 28:4212012000
75Druids Lt Blue C 43:0612012000
75Explorers Black B 33:0412012000
75Fianna Lt green B 43:2612012000
75Druids Purple A 34:3712012000
75Fianna Black C 32:5012012000
75Barbarians Black B 47:3012012000
89Druids Black A 37:4211011000
89Celts Green B 26:4211011000
89Druids Purple B 36:0711011000
89Barbarians Red C 19:0811011000
89Archers Dark Blue A 60:37110120100
89Fianna Black B 32:5011011000
89Celts Lt Green A 50:3711011000
89Archers Dark Blue B 60:56110120100
89Celts Green A 45:2111011000
89Celts Red B 40:0611011000
89Celts Yellow A 31:0511011000
89Explorers Dark Blue A 62:07110140300
89Archers Lt Blue C 54:5811011000
89Barbarians Black A 38:4211011000
103Archers Green B 24:2710010000
103Celts Lt Green B 43:2210010000
103Druids Black B 37:3010010000
103Archers Yellow B 32:4910010000
103Druids Lt green A 32:1110010000
103Explorers Purple C 31:0910010000
103Fianna Tellow C 28:5910010000
103Druids Yellow B 25:2210010000
103Archers Red B 39:0710010000
112Explorers Yellow A 30:14909000
112Druids Purple C 33:04909000
112Explorers Red A 38:34909000
112Fianna Lt Green A 45:45909000
116Barbarians Lt Blue B 66:3280150700
116Celts Purple C 62:4380110300
118Archers Red A 53:18707000
118Fianna Black A 29:06707000
120Barbarians Green A 29:03606000
121Archers Lt Blue A 72:40-101201300

Scouts 1 2.50km 12 controls

1Eoghan WhelanScouts 1Curragh-Naas23:52
2Mark TwomeyScouts 11st Kilkenny35:44
3Evan Nolan, Reuben LongScouts 114th Bennetsbridge41:57
4Emer Tynan, Molly WilliamsScouts 114th Bennetsbridge48:29
5Aisling Cowley, Naomi TynanScouts 115th FortGrange64:21
6Evelyn, Lauren and EllieScouts 12nd Carlow88:49
7Matthew Moran, Ciara MurphyScouts 115th FortGrange93:58
8Conor Denny, Lorcan O'BrienScouts 16th Kells112:37
9Molly O'Keeffe, Aisling RobertScouts 16th Kells116:56
10Amy Kinsella, Ciara FarrellScouts 16th Kells119:46
11Jack, Gary and HenryScouts 1Bagnelstown156:07

Scouts 2 2.10km 12 controls

1Norman Storey WATO23:38
2James Fields 1st Kilkenny Scouts46:09
3Unknown 3 49:33
4Jack Kenny, Matthew Treacy 14th Bennetsbridge62:21
5Aine Shiel 14th Bennetsbridge70:29
6Timothy O'Shea, Sorcha O'Brien 6th Kells71:52
7Laura, Saidhbhin and Emily 15th FortGrange77:04
8Mary Ann, Deasy and Emily 2nd Carlow103:33
Sophie Kealy, Faith Cantwell Kilkenny GuidesDNF
Unknown 2 DNF
Aisling Ryan, Lucy Cleere Kilkenny GuidesDNF
Tommy Carolan, Eoin Roberts, M 6th KellsDNF
Jamie Lomax, Cillian Byrne 6th KellsDNF
Daire cassin 14th BennetsbridgeDNF
Rian Houston and Aaron K 1st Kilkenny ScoutsDNF
No name DNF

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