Woodstock Gardens & Arbotetum


Southeast Schools Training

1A 1B 1C 5A 5B

1A 15 controls

1Claire and Kate Presentation Kilk33:24
2Rachel, Nadine and Aoibhinn Presentation Kilk35:45
3Chloe, Aoife and Kirsten Presentation Kilk37:11
4Layla and Amber Presentation Kilk47:28
5Mollie, Aoife and Chloe Presentation Kilk53:06
6Ellie, Aimee, Tasha and Dav Presentation Kilk76:03

1B 12 controls

1Casey, Grace and Ellie Presentation Kilk18:26
2Jeanne and Maebh Presentation Kilk19:40
3Ellen and Clara Presentation Kilk20:30
4Lizzie Presentation Kilk25:31
5Rebecca Presentation Kilk25:47
6Nicola Presentation Kilk26:08
7Emma Presentation Kilk26:13
8Aoife Presentation Kilk26:27
9Kirsten Presentation Kilk26:52
10Nadine Presentation Kilk28:57

1C 14 controls

1Ellen and Clara Presentation Kilk29:00
2Lizzie, Emma and Grace Presentation Kilk31:59
3Rebecca and Nicola Presentation Kilk33:41
4Niamh, Molly and Jessica Presentation Kilk36:10
5Maeve and Jeanne Presentation Kilk37:08
6Casey and Ellie Presentation Kilk37:58
7Cira and Kasia Presentation Kilk48:20
Holly and Cara Presentation KilkDNF

5A 18 controls

1Aisling and Clodagh Loreto Kilkenny39:54
2Niamh and Lauren Loreto Kilkenny51:19
3Ariana and Shannon Loreto Kilkenny51:43
4Elaine and Orla Loreto Kilkenny52:27
5Elizabeth and Eadaoin Loreto Kilkenny54:04
6Miriam and Lucrezia Loreto Kilkenny57:15
7Anna and Leah Loreto Kilkenny58:38
8Roisin, Emma and Niamh Loreto Kilkenny58:53
9Blaithin and Katie Loreto Kilkenny60:43
10Siobhain and Aisling Loreto Kilkenny62:44
11Sophie, Sabena and Ailsing Loreto Kilkenny66:24
12Alex and Stephanie Loreto Kilkenny66:33
13Rachel and Jenny Loreto Kilkenny66:49
14Clodagh and Lisa Loreto Kilkenny67:35
15Katie and Megan Loreto Kilkenny67:46
16Aoife and Shannon Loreto Kilkenny72:05
17Aisling and Elle Loreto Kilkenny72:35
18Aoife and Phoebe Loreto Kilkenny73:41
19Anna and Ciara Loreto Kilkenny75:32
20Grace and Emma Loreto Kilkenny76:19
21Emma and Erin Loreto Kilkenny81:12
22Alice and Rachel Loreto Kilkenny83:50
23Jasmine and Chloe Loreto Kilkenny88:51
Emma and Roisin Loreto KilkennyDNF
Angie and Fern Loreto KilkennyDNF
Aisling and Maeve Loreto KilkennyDNF
Michaela and Lindsey Loreto KilkennyDNF

5B 19 controls

1Maeve and Ciara Loreto Kilkenny46:05
2Anna and Nia Loreto Kilkenny46:47
3Niamh K and Katie Loreto Kilkenny52:35
4Saraha and Aine Loreto Kilkenny55:30
5Tara and Eliis Loreto Kilkenny56:10
6Lauren and Marie Loreto Kilkenny58:31
7Chloe and Finlay Loreto Kilkenny58:47
8Orla and Jenna Loreto Kilkenny59:05
9Doireann and Marissa Loreto Kilkenny60:20
10Aoife and Fiona Loreto Kilkenny61:51
11megan and Sorcha Loreto Kilkenny62:17
12Busra and Sophie Loreto Kilkenny62:24
13Nicola and Emma Loreto Kilkenny62:59
14Caitlin and Lorna Loreto Kilkenny64:57
15Mikaela and Ayesha Loreto Kilkenny68:29
16Hannah and Roisin Loreto Kilkenny69:25
17Lisa and Roisin Loreto Kilkenny72:57
18Lydia and Aoibhinn Loreto Kilkenny74:16
19Aoife and Milda Loreto Kilkenny76:33
20Eliza and Claire Loreto Kilkenny77:52
21Gabriella and Aisling Loreto Kilkenny78:11
22Rachel and Anita Loreto Kilkenny82:16
23Ava and Rebecca Loreto Kilkenny88:12
24Jenny and Sorcha Loreto Kilkenny103:47
Jasmine and Kirsty Loreto KilkennyDNF
Aoife and Rebecca Loreto KilkennyDNF
Rachel and Eva Loreto KilkennyDNF
Saoirse and Lauren Loreto KilkennyDNF

Action took 0.002 seconds
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