Old Racecourse Tramore


Southeast Schools Training / Dungarvan Road & Waterford Road Junction

5th A 5th B 6th A 6th B Sec A Sec B
Sec C Misc Sec mis 5th misc 6th

5th A 1.90km 16 controls

1Laura Belton Mark Wallis5th pairsWaterpark NS18:04
2Liam Mark5th pairsFenor NS21:43
3Mia Johnston Cian Healy5th pairsWaterpark NS25:20
4Cara Mia Ciara5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore31:52
5Ellen Lia5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore39:02
6Holly and Toby5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore43:43
7sean Edward5th pairsFenor NS44:48
8Jennifer Megan5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore46:12
9Meabh Robyn5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore50:23
10Kelly Usideme Karl Lynagh5th pairsWaterpark NS53:01
11Brianna Heylmann Joshua Foskin Goodman5th pairsWaterpark NS54:22
12Nina Rosie5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore54:34
13Aoibhinn Aletia5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore72:51
14Victoria Siun5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore77:20

5th B 1.90km 16 controls

1Joe Charlie5th pairsFenor NS19:16
2Alice Orla5th pairsFenor NS21:04
3Evan Barry5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore25:50
4Stephen Luke5th pairsFenor NS26:45
5Elijah Caoimhin5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore27:27
6Ben Schnieders Becky Parsons5th pairsWaterpark NS27:55
7Feidhlim Naoise5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore28:29
8Kyle Sullivan Caoimhe Power5th pairsWaterpark NS29:52
9Gavin Shanahan Anna Power5th pairsWaterpark NS30:30
10Kelly Pauric5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore34:46
11Aoife Clodagh5th pairsFenor NS50:14
12David Michael5th pairsFenor NS52:55
13Sinead Kerry5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore53:32
14Farouq Rabiu5th pairsWaterpark NS54:52
15Laoise and Robyn5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore55:17
16Eoibheann Pol5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore56:47

6th A 1.300km 18 controls

1Avery Nathan6th pairsFenor NS14:09
2Tom Dennis6th pairsFenor NS17:53
3Eoin Moran Ben Horsfall6th pairsWaterpark NS19:12
4Clodagh Monahan Chloe Brosnan6th pairsWaterpark NS22:59
5Andrew Murphy Joel John6th pairsWaterpark NS23:13
6Zach Jack6th pairsFenor NS25:02
7Rory Boland6thWaterpark NS27:38
8Gavin Sheridan6thWaterpark NS28:18
9Jamie Dunne6thWaterpark NS29:18
10Harrison Ethan6th pairsFenor NS30:56
11Saviour Abugu Taghd Lally6th pairsWaterpark NS31:27
12Ronan O' Donnell Rudy Kennedy6th pairsWaterpark NS34:47
13Laela Jessica6th pairsFenor NS36:21
14Alex Kelly6th pairsFenor NS41:18
15Rachel Flynn Shauna Lally6th pairsWaterpark NS41:32
16Sarah Cara6th pairsFenor NS45:45
17Niamh Sarah6th pairsFenor NS50:30

6th B 1.320km 18 controls

1Harry Belton6thWaterpark NS15:35
2Daniel Stokes6thWaterpark NS15:50
3Shane Doyle6thFenor NS16:41
4stephen Crowley6thFenor NS16:58
5Kyle Cooke6thFenor NS18:16
6Jack Deegan6thFenor NS18:59
7Marco Laura6thWaterpark NS21:07
8Ben and Eoin6th pairsWaterpark NS21:13
9Farouq Rabiu6thWaterpark NS21:37
10Conor McCloskey6thWaterpark NS31:27
11Julia Cyfer6thWaterpark NS48:53
12jessica Hincks6thFenor NS65:41
13Kristina Purcell6thFenor NS66:45

Sec A 1.630km 21 controls

1Ben McInerney Jordan Pim1st yearNewtown21:18
2Robbie Greene Aron Cooke2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire34:20
3Kimberley McGannon Pattern Dmitry Kodzhaspirov1st yearNewtown34:34
4Keavy McCole Kate Dunphy2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire40:21
5Bronwyn Bayne, Oona Harvey Ros1st yearNewtown42:31
6Dylan and Niall2nd yearHigh school Clonmel44:10
7Amber Clarke Caitlin Fennelly2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire45:35
8Caitlin Littley Sally Ann O'Su1st yearNewtown54:43
9Nathan Harty Kieran O'Brien2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire58:43
10Matthew Mannion Aaron Taylor2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire62:40

Sec B 1.680km 21 controls

1Abigail Coghlan Emma Pim1st yearNewtown30:58
2Tony Liu2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire33:56
3Shane Croke2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire41:26
4Tomás Murphy2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire42:24
5Josh and Jack2nd yearHigh school Clonmel44:15
6Adam Ryan2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire45:12
7Emily Shaw Susannah Doyle1st yearNewtown50:57
8Ronan Dempsey2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire54:19
9Sarah O'Neill Leah Cleere2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire54:47
10Rory Power Godson Sonny Marshall1st yearNewtown55:32
11Caleb Langley Aaron Aylward1st yearNewtown64:07
12Lily Kennedy Maura Carroll1st yearNewtown70:14
13Roisín Sweeney Sophie Dunphy2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire74:27
14Áine Brogan Karri Campbell2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire75:29

Sec C 1.370km 14 controls

1Daniel Stokes6thWaterpark NS29:00
2Harry Belton6thWaterpark NS29:04
3Jack and Cian2nd yearHigh school Clonmel35:34
4Ayo and stephen2nd yearHigh school Clonmel55:15

Misc Sec 27 controls

NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Jacob Kane Alfred Sirby1st yearNewtown35:2922022000
1Sarah McEvoy O'Gorman Anna Pap1st yearNewtown44:3422022000
3Adam O'Brien Andrew Holden2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire29:2121021000
3Sarah Lynch Lauren Power2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire39:2021021000
5Nadine Harty Tara O'Keeffe2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire44:2720020000
5Adam Long2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire36:3520020000
7Tadgh and Riain2nd yearHigh school Clonmel30:0619019000
7Ethan Roche Isaac Johnson1st yearNewtown62:00190200100
9Joe Slattery William Wallis1st yearNewtown58:2018018000
9Finn Power Godson Jordan Ludus1st yearNewtown63:16180200200
11Tommy Tolan Ethan Fitzpatrick2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire41:2617017000
12Khalid Kadiri Benedikt Benson1st yearNewtown64:58115140250
13Sam Kingston, Evan and Patrick1st yearNewtown50:4011011000
14Ava Kenny Walsh Abigail Deegan1st yearNewtown67:06100140400
15Miguel Halcon Rufino Henry All1st yearNewtown63:1280100200
16Lucca Allen Finn Vogelaar1st yearNewtown64:4575100250
17Robbie and Aron2nd yearHigh school Clonmel77:0460150900
18Luke O'Brien Tom O'Neill2nd yearColaiste Cois Suire78:2315110950
19Daniel Faleye Samuel Johnson1st yearNewtown73:041080700
20Alexander Berbenitskiy Francis1st yearNewtown216:44-78507850
Ben Gunnip2nd yearColaiste Cois SuireDNF-78507850

mis 5th 16 controls

NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Qendrim Verbovci Katie Rojowsk5th pairsWaterpark NS46:3115015000
1Easky Kaydi5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore55:5115015000
1Luke Calvin5th pairsFenor NS44:5615015000
4Jai Ben5th pairsFenor NS39:5114014000
4Aoife Lauren5th pairsFenor NS37:0314014000
6Klaudia Chodera Charlie Coad5th pairsWaterpark NS61:0013514050
7Oisin, Toby Leon5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore45:5813013000
8Dean Michael5th pairsFenor NS66:0285120350
9Milly, Molly and Reese5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore71:3980140600
9Alannah Gibney Marcus Dewberry5th pairsWaterpark NS71:2880140600
Conor Paddy5th pairsGaelscoil TramoreDNF707000
12Ciara Rebecca5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore49:05606000
12Jodi Reamon5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore40:59606000
12Nathan Luke5th pairsGaelscoil Tramore50:27606000
15Sarah Rhian5th pairsFenor NS68:163580450
16zach Robin5th pairsFenor NS65:561040300
17Emma Daniels Danish Ahmed5th pairsWaterpark NS143:08-410104200

misc 6th 18 controls

NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Gavin Sheridan6thWaterpark NS21:5916016000
1Rory Boland6thWaterpark NS19:0516016000
1Jamie Dunne6thWaterpark NS20:0116016000
1Harriet Wulff6thWaterpark NS22:4916016000
1Darragh Aylward6thWaterpark NS30:4116016000
1Kinga Glich Olivia Jedrzkiewic6th pairsWaterpark NS38:0516016000
1Conor Hutchinson Wall Mark O'6th pairsWaterpark NS36:1016016000
8Louise Lauren6th pairsFenor NS55:2915015000
9Kirya Katshindj6thFenor NS70:093590550
10Zoe Malone6thFenor NS71:053090600
11Alanis McGrath6thWaterpark NS81:52201301100
12Kayleigh Doyle Kearns6thWaterpark NS82:29151301150

Action took 0.004 seconds
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