Blue Pool - Muckross


Kingdom League

Blue Brown Green Light Green MKL Girls GAA Orange
Red Yellow

Blue 6.200km 185m 19 controls

1Brendan O'Brien Kerry72:11
2Colm O'Sullivan Bishopstown81:04
3Mike O'Brien Kerry94:41
4Colm KingstonM45Kerry99:16
5Cathan Harrington Kerry101:40
6Steve PerkinsM55Bishopstown104:32
7Mike LongM50Ajax109:42
Terry LeyM60BishopstownDNF
Dermot O'Sullivan BishopstownDNF

Brown 7.300km 205m 22 controls

1Darren BurkeM40Cork63:06
2Liam CotterM20Bishopstown69:26
3Brian Corbett Cork81:25
4Daire O'Brien Kerry94:13
5Elodie Donet Bishopstown121:50
6Simon Evans Kerry137:22

Green 5.500km 175m 19 controls

1Paul Keville Kerry71:52
2Tony CotterM50Bishopstown77:23
3Mary O BrienW40Cork85:04
4Ian HarringtonM55Kerry106:21
5Kai Seino Kerry107:30
6Karl Sloan Kerry115:33
7Jennifer O'Carroll Kerry115:59
8Nora PerkinsW55Bishopstown119:57
9Natsuko CotterW50Bishopstown126:27
10Kathy Desmond Kerry141:58
11Shuhie Seino Kerry156:16
12Francis Cleary Kerry217:19
13Pat Cleary Kerry224:16
Rory Costello KerryDNF
Tom FlemingM50BishopstownDNF
Catherine KingW55AjaxDNF
Amelie O'DonovanM21BishopstownDNF
Isaac O'Donovan BishopstownDNF
Partick O'Donovan BishopstownDNF
Gary O'Donovan BishopstownDNF
Pat CadoganM55CorkDNF

Light Green 4.600km 145m 16 controls

1Liz DeaneW60Cork103:35
2Alan Swarbrick Kerry109:24
3Finian Swarbrick Kerry109:25
4Ursula Morrish 112:34
5Niamh Seino Kerry120:18
6Ber O'SullivanW50Bishopstown157:33
7Lucas Sowerby 158:39
8Cian Forde Kerry158:45
9Meabhdh Swarbrick Kerry163:41
10Vivian JuffsW50Kerry168:52
11Jack Hickey 181:25
12Eoin Murphy 209:16
13Eoin Gleeson 221:42
Aodhagan O'Suilleabhain DNF
Darragh Forde KerryDNF

MKL Girls GAA 2.200km 50m 17 controls

1Dave, Paudi and Derek MKL39:37
2Anna, Sarah and Maria MKL40:12
3Lia, Chloe and Michelle MKL43:52
4Mick and Christine MKL44:01
5Sinead, Sarah, Sive, Eliosha MKL44:02
6Seoidin,Lilianna,Hannah Claire MKL46:21
7Mags and Philip MKL49:28
8Lily, Ruth and Elliot MKL52:24
9Kay and Tracey MKL55:02
10Ella, Alyssa and Ella MKL62:32
11Eve, Erin and Kate MKL66:24
Ellen, Elsie and Blaithnaid MKLDNF
Gracie, Charlotte and Clodagh MKLDNF
Kelly, Olivia and Mia Rose MKLDNF
Niamh, Aimee and Eva MKLDNF
Nessa, Juliette and Eve MKLDNF
Tara, Clara and Aileen MKLDNF
Faye, Ellie and Aimee MKLDNF
Roisin, Grace and Keelin MKLDNF
Mai Rose, Kayleigh and Erin MKLDNF

Orange 2.100km 65m 14 controls

1Oisin Murphy Kerry30:28
2Fionn Murphy Kerry31:36
3Maeve O'Sullivan Bishopstown32:02
4Isaac Limrick 32:44
5Raymond Limrick 32:52
6Keelin Swarbrick Kerry36:22
7Rebecca Limrick 37:27
8Joshua Limrick 37:33
9Albi Morrish Wheeler 37:38
10Daniel Fitzpatrick Kerry38:46
11Fiadh Limrick 43:17
12Michelle Heffernan 44:08
13Sinead HeffernanM5044:10
14Sarah and Aoife Hillard 51:54

Red 4.0km 115m 24 controls

1Ciara O BrienW12Cork52:52
2James RahillyM45Bishopstown65:32
3Fiachra Morrish Wheeler 65:44
4Frances Dennehy, Sean O'Connor 77:25
5Aisling O'Reilly 87:19
6Robert O'ConnorM75Cork97:33
7Pablo Fernandez 104:56
8Aimar Fernandez 107:15
9Conan Seino Kerry108:35
10Monica Medina 126:50
11Martina Fernandez 126:52

Yellow 1.600km 40m 12 controls

1Iarla Keville Kerry28:58
2Abbie Connelly 29:06

Action took 0.003 seconds
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