Muckross Abbey


Come and Try It

Brown Blue Green Light Green Red Orange

Brown 24 controls

1Darren BurkeM35Cork45:10
2Vladimir Schmid 54:45
3Noel O'Leary Kerry65:16
4Colm O'Sullivan Bishopstown72:22
5Pat O'Donovan Bishopstown74:01
6Rob McEvoy Cork74:36
7John O'Donovan Bishopstown76:45
8Partick Cleary Kerry128:48

Blue 23 controls

1John ScannellM45Cork57:39
2Gerald DuffyM40Cork61:01
3Fergal Buckley Kerry61:40
4Eric Curry Bishopstown65:14
5Damien Courtney Kerry71:29
6Joe O'Leary Kerry76:46
7Mick Sealy Kerry88:20
8Colm Murphy Cappanalea95:30
Colm Casey KerryDNF

Green 22 controls

1Connor Moran Cappanalea52:45
2Cormac Murphy Kerry54:53
3Mary O'Brien Cork64:53
4Karl Sloan Kerry68:39
5Daragh Fitzgibbon Kerry69:01
6Rory Costello Kerry69:23
7Kathy Desmond Kerry72:50
8Chris & Meabh Fitzgibbon Kerry79:20
9Daithi Murphy Kerry82:40
10Francis Cleary Kerry91:43

Light Green 21 controls

1Cathan Harrington 45:54
2Barry Coen Kerry51:43
3Lorcan McDonnell Kerry60:08
4Eamon O'Keefe 65:37
5Fiona O'Brien Kerry75:26
6Kai Seino Kerry76:16
7Fiona O'RiordanW45Cork79:00
8Eoin McCarthy Cappanalea101:36
9Gemma Kane Cappanalea101:37
10Niamh Seino Kerry111:11
11Robert O'Connor Cork112:55
12Caitriona Daly Kerry132:45
Anthony Walsh Defence ForcesDNF

Red 15 controls

1Shuhei Seino Kerry32:39
2Colette Lawlor Kerry33:28
3Ted Feehan Cork36:18
4Ronan McDonnell Kerry36:48
5Glen Bowler Kerry39:51
6Lorraine Bowler Kerry40:00
7Brian Bowler Kerry40:08
8Arann Murphy Kerry41:24
9Treasa O'Donovan Bishopstown44:29
10Ruth Kavanagh 44:52
11Conor Quigley 50:14
12Chris McCabe Cappanalea50:20
13Rory Campbell 50:22
14Unknown 52:41
15Odhran & Donnchadh Scouts57:55
16Fia & Kate Scouts59:02
17Liadh Forde Kerry59:54
18Alek O'Shea Scouts61:11
19Conor Brady Kerry61:20
20Darragh Forde Kerry61:24
21Laura Brady Kerry63:02
22Daire & Gary Scouts65:36
23Cormac and Conor Scouts68:35
24Oily & Mary Scouts70:52
25Jack & Jason Scouts72:52
26Megan, Zoe & Emma Scouts75:27
27Oisin & Fia Scouts80:08
28Conor & Ronan Scouts82:15
29Joseph & Ali Scouts82:17
30Maeve & Sophie Scouts84:03
31Fiachra Morrish Whelan 131:45
32Albi Morrish Whelan 144:37

Orange 11 controls

1Maria Hourigan Cork
2Ciara O'Brien Cork21:47
3Eadoain Coghlan 26:57
4Fionnbhall Hickey 27:02
5Sadhbh & Niamh Murphy Kerry36:04
6Ruaidhri O'Brien Cork38:47
7Alec O'Brien Cork41:31
8Darragh & Ben Kavanagh 42:07
9Robert Walsh 47:51
10Aodhan O'Shea 56:22
11Finn O'Neill 56:43
12Sam Scally 56:51
13Sophie Scally 57:35
14Mark Scally 58:01
15Daniel Fitzpatrick 58:18
16Cian Lynch 59:04
17Zoey Lynch 59:06
18Jamie Courtney Kerry66:45
19Oscar Burke Cork70:43
20Tomas Kelliher 70:44
21Eric Burke 71:08
22Hazel Calnan Kerry82:52
23Fionn Calnan Kerry83:07
24Sinead Heffernan 83:39
25Ger, Emily & Tommy Kavanagh 829:49
Killian & Maggie ScoutsDNF

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