Tramore Inclusion Park


Tramore Schools Training

1A 1B 1C

1A 1.600km 17 controls

1Jack and Neil 23:52
2Dylan and Shay 24:25
3Billy and Devan 24:32
4Luke and Deon 27:56
5Leigh and Suky 28:16
6Dara and Caitlin 28:55
7Matthew and Ben 29:21
8Sean and Darragh 31:36
9Aimee K and Susanne 34:39
10Ruby and Freya 34:42
11Dan and Shane 35:40
12Dara and Colm 36:22
13Ben and Lee 37:09
14Martha and Sophie 38:56
15Lauren and Katie 39:32
16Ava and Amy W 39:44
17Gaynor and Niamh 47:22
18Robyn and Amy 49:17
19Lucy and Jilll 49:18
20Aoife and Adam 55:57
21Justin and Emma 82:30
Isabel and Nora DNF
Alyiya and Erika DNF
Rachel and Alanna DNF
Jason,Isaac and Emma DNF
Rhianna and Martha DNF
Hayden and Matt DNF
Jamie and Ciaran DNF
Star, Faye and Emma DNF
Fred and Conor DNF
Cathal and Sam DNF

1B 1.580km 20 controls

1Matthew and Bobby 19:13
2Rory and Emmet 20:35
3Joe and Leon 22:43
4Euan and Luke 24:57
5Tom and Mikie 26:29
6Sama and Niall 28:26
7Tommy and Esdras 28:43
8Bonny and Jasmine 32:54
9Anna and Amy 34:26
10Christian and Daniel 34:57
11Nora and Katie 39:41
12Tom and Malik 48:10
13Julie and Erika 48:36
14Jack and Vincent 48:47
15Stephanie, Alexa and Emma 49:19
16Abdullah and Alex 49:20
17Sophie and Amy 57:59
18Ava and Alisa 61:07
19Brian and Juliet 69:17
Nathan and Jack DNF
Cain and Alex DNF
Lexi and Conor DNF
unknown 3 DNF
unknown 2 DNF
unknown 1 DNF
HollyMae and Leah DNF
Roisiin and Maeve DNF
Eoin and Alex DNF
Cathal and Adam DNF
Emmanuel and Liam DNF
Sean and Ben DNF

1C 1.590km 18 controls

1Ronan and Nicky 18:20
2Cian and Spencer 19:36
3Michael and Faolan 22:31
4Mark and Sean 23:50
5Kevin and Darragh 24:44
6Roisin and Clodagh 28:34
7Caoimhe and Amber 29:53
8Kate and Mary 33:22
9Cillian and Conor 34:52
10Grace and Amy 35:38
11Charlie, Aoife and Rachel 38:19
12Colin and Callum 39:14
13Jamie and Kevin 39:54
14Conor and Adam 41:24
15Aoibhinn and Isabel 42:21
16Jodie and Aoife 42:28
17Rhian and Tessa 43:44
18Leona and Jasmine 44:51
19Saoirse and Aoife 52:08
20Martina and Michael 53:10
21Dannie and Holly 56:48
22Dylan, Callum and Harry 57:00
23Ciara and Tessa 60:14
24Iola and Ruth 83:58
Matthew and Holly DNF
Jack and Dylan DNF
Ally and Robyn DNF
Ross and Jim DNF
Zac and Callum DNF
Jamie and Sean DNF
Emma and Lucy DNF

Action took 0.003 seconds
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