Tower Hill


Southeast League / No. 2

Beaver 1 Beaver 2 Beaver 3 Scout Short technical Medium

Beaver 1 2.290km 6 controls

19th Ballygunnar a 49:04Fix
29th Ballygunnar c 49:31Fix
335th A Coppercoast d 58:44Fix
435th A Coppercoast c 59:31Fix
535th A Coppercoast b 59:37Fix
69th Ballygunnar d 59:44Fix
79th Ballygunnar e 61:39Fix
830th St Pauls d 64:18Fix
930th St Pauls c 64:30Fix
1030th St Pauls b 64:37Fix
1130th St Pauls a 64:42Fix
1236th A T Bay b 72:55Fix
1336th A T Bay c 72:57Fix
1436th A T bay a 73:04Fix
1515th Sacred Heart a 76:46Fix
1615th Sacred Heart d 76:47Fix
1715th Sacred Heart c 76:56Fix
1815th Sacred Heart e 77:02Fix
1915th Sacred Heart b 77:15Fix
2035th A Coppercoast a 81:18Fix
2135th A Coppercoast e 84:26Fix
228th B Tramore b 89:42Fix
8th B Tramore a DNFFix
8th B Tramore d DNFFix
8th B Tramore c DNFFix
8th B Tramore f DNFFix
8th B Tramore e DNFFix

Beaver 2 2.600km 5 controls

117th St Pauls b 52:37Fix
217th St Pauls a 52:50Fix
317th St Pauls c 52:52Fix
417th St Pauls d 52:55Fix
517th St Pauls e 52:57Fix
627th Butlerstown b 58:42Fix
727th Butlerstown a 58:43Fix
818th Ferrybank b 62:33Fix
818th Ferrybank c 62:33Fix
1018th Ferrybank a 62:43Fix
1135th B Coppercoast d 74:59Fix
1235th B Coppercoast b 75:03Fix
1335th B Coppercoast e 75:07Fix
1435th B Coppercoast a 85:59Fix
1535th B Coppercoast c 86:03Fix
1635th B Coppercoast b 86:09Fix
1710th Portlaw a 102:23Fix
1810th Portlaw c 102:40Fix
1810h Portlaw e 102:40Fix
1810th Portlaw b 102:40Fix
2110th Portlaw d 102:51Fix
Rory McHardyM10Waterford33:50N/CFix
Finlay McHardyM10Waterford33:52N/CFix
Elaine MullanW45Waterford34:09N/CFix
Liam CaseyM10Waterford1463:50N/CFix

Beaver 3 2.980km 6 controls

120th St Pauls d 58:52Fix
220th St Pauls b 58:58Fix
320th St Pauls a 59:08Fix
420th St Pauls c 59:32Fix
531st Faithlegg d 63:00Fix
68th A Tramore a 63:49Fix
78th A Tramore d 64:28Fix
811th Dungarvan c 64:46Fix
931st Faithlegg b 66:08Fix
1031st Faithlegg f 67:44Fix
1111th Dungarvan b 72:43Fix
1226th Ferrybank 76:09Fix
1326th Ferrybank b 76:20Fix
1326th Ferrybank d 76:20Fix
1526th Ferrybank a 76:28Fix
1626th Ferrybank c 76:32Fix
1731st Faithlegg a 77:59Fix
1831st Faithlegg c 78:00Fix
198th A Tramore e 79:50Fix
208th A Tramore c 79:57Fix
218th A Tramore f 81:46Fix
228th A Tramore b 81:50Fix
2311th Dungarvan a 84:52Fix
Siun O'Mahony Portlaw cub73:53N/CFix
Tommy Maher Portlaw cub73:47N/CFix
Jesse Ayovaughan Portlaw cub73:48N/CFix
Bobby Messenger Portlaw cub73:47N/CFix
Eve Boyle Portlaw cub73:55N/CFix
Mia White Portlaw cub73:47N/CFix
Bridget Shannon 12th Wexford Scouts61:27N/CFix
Padraig redmond 12th Wexford Scouts61:29N/CFix
Daniel O'Neill 12th Wexford Scouts61:27N/CFix
Alannah Byrne 12th Wexford Scouts61:32N/CFix
Aidan Prendergast 12th Wexford Scouts44:01N/CFix
Harry Long 12th Wexford Scouts44:00N/CFix
Ryan Cheevers 12th Wexford Scouts43:49N/CFix
Josh Shannon 12th Wexford Scouts44:00N/CFix
Leah Shannon 12th Wexford Scouts39:45N/CFix
36th B T Bay a DNFFix
36th B T Bay c DNFFix
36th B T Bay b DNFFix
11th Dungarvan d DNFFix

Scout 3.400km 11 controls

1Philp Prendergast 12th Wexford Scouts80:24Fix
2Rob ChaneyM451st Kilkenny142:59Fix
3Ed ChaneyM101st Kilkenny143:03Fix
4Dan CuddihyM101st Kilkenny144:57Fix
5Hugh Chaney 1st Kilkenny145:30Fix
Alex Power St Pauls scoutsDNFFix
Aoife Stenson St Pauls scoutsDNFFix
Alanah Dunne St Pauls scoutsDNFFix
Katia St Pauls scoutsDNFFix
Heather O'Regan St Pauls scoutsDNFFix
Mark Dunne St Pauls scoutsDNFFix
Liam Swift St Pauls scoutsDNFFix
John Downey St Pauls scoutsDNFFix
Rory Breen 12th Wexford ScoutsDNFFix
Jonathan Redmond 12th Wexford ScoutsDNFFix
Finn Byrne 12th Wexford ScoutsDNFFix
Adam, Shane and Eoin 12th Wexford ScoutsDNFFix

Short technical 3.200km 13 controls

1Brid CaseyW40Waterford44:20Fix
2Fiona O BrienW2161:18Fix
3Heather ShanahanW21118:57Fix
3Niamh RooneyW21118:57Fix
5Neil RooneyM10119:01Fix
6Emily ButlerW18119:02Fix
Jeni PimW40WaterfordDNFFix

Medium 12 controls

1Andrew PimM50Waterford72:03Fix
2Niall McEvoy Waterford123:59Fix
Tom PowerM50WaterfordDNFFix
Pat Cadogan CorkDNFFix
Cathy KennedyW21WaterfordDNFFix
Nigel PimM40WaterfordDNFFix

Long 14 controls

1Darragh HoareM18Bishopstown92:05Fix
2Josh HoareM14Bishopstown105:28Fix
3Andrew CoxM60Waterford111:16Fix
4Christopher MurrayM50Curragh-Naas140:38Fix
5Caroline MurrayW45Bishopstown141:59Fix
Sarah and IsabelW20BishopstownDNFFix
Adrian Rubio Spain/Mt SionDNFFix
John CaseyM50WaterfordDNFFix

Action took 0.003 seconds