Kilbarry Amenity Park


Waterford Schools Championships /

M N O P Primary Score Sec Score

A 1.700km 11 controls

1Oisin and Tega5th classWaterpark N S24:48
2Matthew and David O'5th classFenor N.S.28:00
3Christopher and Peter5th classWaterpark N S39:24
4Javed and Rory5th classWaterpark N S44:05
5Daisy and Caoimhe5th classJOG46:54
6Akeem and Moussa5th classWETNS46:55
7Jessica and Alisha5th classJOG53:02

B 1.700km 11 controls

1Jack H and Joe5th classFenor N.S.33:16
2Franek and Leon5th classWETNS35:47
3Pawel and Noah5th classWaterpark N S36:59
4Orla and Sarah5th classJOG40:00
5Sarah K and Iqmat5th classWETNS47:34
6Patryk and Sean5th classWETNS55:09
6William and Luke5th classWaterpark N S55:09
8Colm and Garvin5th classWaterpark N S56:08

C 1.550km 16 controls

1Dani and Megan5th classJOG31:17
2Kathy and Olivia5th classWaterpark N S36:26
3Aine and Isabella5th classWaterpark N S47:31
4Seamus and Dylan B5th classWETNS60:13
5JJ and Kacper5th classWETNS72:18
6Diamanta and Heather5th classWaterpark N S156:45

D 1.560km 16 controls

1Anna and Eva5th classJOG27:46
2Jake and Mikolaj5th classWETNS42:37
3Karolina and Aoife5th classWETNS48:18
4Nawal and Ileana5th classWaterpark N S55:29
5Khalid and Dominik5th classWETNS56:57

E 1.640km 18 controls

1Mark and William6th classWaterpark N S22:54
2Cathal and Michael6th classWaterpark N S28:11
3Joanna and Kate6th classFaithlegg N.S.33:36
4Clara and Maya6th classWaterpark N S35:14
5Lorna and Cendresa6th classWaterpark N S37:28
6Paul Rory and Jeff6th classFenor N.S.41:38
7Ben and Dylan6th classWaterpark N S41:43
8Kasha and Ellen6th classJOG57:07
9Quincy and Aisling6th classJOG61:16
10Aoife and Jade6th classJOG64:48

F 1.650km 18 controls

1Ellen and Abigail6th classJOG25:02
2Sophie and Tara6th classJOG25:37
3Clodagh and Chloe6th classJOG26:24
4Jessica and Nicole6th classJOG27:48
5Kara and Emma6th classWaterpark N S29:55
6Maria and Emily6th classJOG30:31
7Dominykas and Stephen6th classWaterpark N S32:25
8Ruairc and Jack R6th classFenor N.S.34:48
9Ana Paula ,Daisy and Hannah6th classWaterpark N S35:19
10Jenny and Hannah6th classJOG36:39
11Abbey and Eabha6th classFaithlegg N.S.40:38
12Ellen and Ella6th classWaterpark N S41:47
13Brian and Louis6th classWaterpark N S42:58
14Lauryn and Hannah6th classFenor N.S.46:57

G 1.740km 17 controls

1Annlee and Lily6th classJOG30:43
2Emily and Louie6th classJOG32:40
3Shelley and Gerard6th classFaithlegg N.S.35:46
4Molly and Sean6th classFaithlegg N.S.41:01
5Tomás and Michael6th classFenor N.S.68:05

H 1.750km 17 controls

1Emily and Sarah Jane6th classFaithlegg N.S.22:34
2Lauren and Amelia6th classJOG27:59
3Nicholas and Oran6th classFaithlegg N.S.35:38
4Adam and David D6th classFenor N.S.38:45
5Molly and Alex6th classFaithlegg N.S.52:45
6Megan and Amy6th classFaithlegg N.S.55:07
7Mia and Robyn6th classFenor N.S.59:18

I 3.220km 21 controls

1Aaron and Matthew3rd BoysNewtown43:34
2Soairse and Sally3rd GirlsUrsuline Waterford54:48
3David ,Mark and Alex2nd BoysNewtown57:17
4Philip and George2nd BoysNewtown65:47
5Emma W and Anna2nd GirlsNewtown70:37
6Eádaoin and ConorTYFriary Dungarvan72:36
7Mia and Jennifer3rd GirlsUrsuline Waterford89:40

J 3.240km 21 controls

1Cian and Daryl3rd BoysNewtown24:39
2Robert K and Ciaran3rd BoysNewtown24:59
3Robbie 3rd BoysNewtown25:04
4Jonathan Pim3rd BoysNewtown26:28
5Evan and Garry3rd BoysColáiste Cois Siúire47:48
6Laura and StephenTYFriary Dungarvan58:42
7Maighreád and MatthewTYFriary Dungarvan59:02
8Raymond and MeganTYFriary Dungarvan59:18
9Megan and Aisling3rd GirlsUrsuline Waterford60:48
10Cory and Sean Og3rd BoysNewtown65:18
11Ayah and Bronagh3rd GirlsUrsuline Waterford81:06

K 3.220km 21 controls

1Darach and AislingTYFriary Dungarvan52:35
2Sarah and Lorraine3rd GirlsColáiste Cois Siúire64:04
3Emma S2nd GirlsNewtown68:26
4Niamh and Niamh O'N2nd GirlsUrsuline Waterford74:56
5Jessica and Becky2nd GirlsUrsuline Waterford76:23
6Senan and SarahTYFriary Dungarvan77:04
7Neil and PJTYFriary Dungarvan78:11
8Clodagh and Carol Anne2nd GirlsUrsuline Waterford78:55

L 3.220km 21 controls

1Seamie and JodiTYFriary Dungarvan41:32
2Tom and SiúinTYFriary Dungarvan41:56
3Caoimhe and EoinTYFriary Dungarvan51:43
4Isa and Lorna2nd GirlsUrsuline Waterford59:12
5Sarah Jane and Leah2nd GirlsUrsuline Waterford63:50
6Amy and Eve2nd GirlsUrsuline Waterford80:17

M 2.450km 20 controls

1Isabel 2nd GirlsNewtown26:31
2Emily D2nd GirlsNewtown26:46
3Hannah and Mollie1st girlsUrsuline Waterford32:42
4Cadhla and Emily1st girlsUrsuline Waterford35:23
5Rachel and Chloe1st girlsNewtown48:42
6Mella and Jasmine1st girlsNewtown51:36
7Jessica and Hilary1st girlsNewtown61:06
8Marie Claire and Eva1st girlsNewtown61:36

N 2.440km 20 controls

1Patrick and Harry1st BoysNewtown35:08
2James T and Jacob1st BoysNewtown40:30
3Sophie and Orla1st girlsUrsuline Waterford44:13
4Eoin and Cian1st BoysNewtown44:33
5James G and Rhys K1st BoysNewtown50:25
6Jason, Tom and Liam1st BoysNewtown70:12

O 2.700km 19 controls

1Stella and Jessica MTYArd Scoil33:17
2Edel and Sophie CTYArd Scoil33:26
3Orla and TaylorTYArd Scoil35:54
4Coady and NatashaTYArd Scoil42:21
5Katherina and MekensieTYArd Scoil43:53
6Lauren M and Amy LTYArd Scoil44:19
7Chloe O'D and Edel PowerTYArd Scoil46:44
8ILucia and ClodaghTYArd Scoil52:26
9Sophie H and GemmaTYArd Scoil74:49
10Sinead and Lauren ATYArd Scoil75:30
11Roisin and ClareTYArd Scoil81:45

P 2.410km 19 controls

1Catherine and Janine KTYArd Scoil36:52
2Kayleigh and JannaTYArdscoil39:20
3Niamh and CarmelaTYArd Scoil43:40
4Courtney and JennyTYArd Scoil43:45
5Elizabeth and Chloe MTYArd Scoil46:31
6Maeve and ConachTYArd Scoil58:02
7Celene and Aisling TTYArd Scoil59:12
8Amy Y and AmberTYArd Scoil64:40
9Jessica O'S Irene and MariaTYArd Scoil64:48
10Eimear and NadineTYArd Scoil76:20
11Amy C ,Sophie D and Aisling HTYArd Scoil78:39

Primary Score 38 controls

NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Kirsten and Lucy5th classJOG46:5522022000
2Jill and Emma5th classJOG58:0320020000
3Ava and Abby5th classJOG39:0219019000
4Rachel and Elizabeth6th classFenor N.S.49:0618018000
5Joshua and Jamie6th classFenor N.S.21:3617017000
5Eve and Rachel6th classFaithlegg N.S.64:4917017000
5Michael and Brian6th classWaterpark N S25:4117017000
5Seán and Jakob6th classWaterpark N S26:5517017000
5Kelan and Reef6th classFaithlegg N.S.65:3917017000
5Adam and Jack6th classFaithlegg N.S.37:0517017000
5John M and Matthew6th classFaithlegg N.S.19:3517017000
5Anna and Sorcha5th classJOG54:2417017000
5Ciara and John W6th classFaithlegg N.S.36:4717017000
14Korben and Joseph5th classWaterpark N S40:4916016000
14Alisha and David6th classFaithlegg N.S.51:1716016000
14Isabella and Lucy6th classJOG28:5216016000
14Rachel and Poppy5th classJOG37:4816016000
18Philip and Niall6th classFaithlegg N.S.41:1215015000
19Ellen ,Yarmiya and Clodagh6th classJOG47:2314014000
19Emer ,Ellen and Danielle5th classJOG52:0414014000
19SaraH Al andZahara5th classWETNS64:0914014000
19Annabell and Oran5th classWETNS51:0014014000
19Tara and Hailey6th classJOG57:1314014000
19Judith and Yerin6th classJOG57:2814014000
Mesbah and Tom6th classWaterpark N SDNF13013000
20Niamh and Emily6th classJOG73:0313013000
Jake and Erti6th classWaterpark N SDNF13013000
20Kate and Ella6th classJOG70:4113013000
20Anna and Laura6th classJOG74:5413013000
20Aoife and Chloe6th classJOG73:4413013000
20Hannah and Althea6th classJOG72:3013013000
31Nicky and Robyn5th classJOG54:4211011000
31Ugne and Emily5th classWaterpark N S65:2711011000
31Brian and Dylan A5th classWETNS86:3611011000
31Rebecca and Erica6th classJOG90:0411011000
35Ala and Tosin5th classWETNS58:1610010000
35Amy and Samantha6th classJOG71:4110010000
37Anna and Eimear5th classJOG55:18909000
37Lauren and Lauren5th classJOG54:59909000
39Jordan and Maurice5th classFenor N.S.76:36808000
40Chantelle and Megan6th classFenor N.S.75:33707000
40Karolina and Clara5th classWaterpark N S43:50707000
Jessica and Rachel5th classWaterpark N SDNF606000
42Ted and Niall5th classFenor N.S.77:55505000
43Cian and Padraig5th classWaterpark N S35:38202000

Sec Score 38 controls

NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Eimear and ShaneTYFriary Dungarvan58:0021021000
1Tadhg and KimTYFriary Dungarvan60:3021021000
3Katie and Ciara1st girlsUrsuline Waterford44:3719019000
3Helen and Venera1st girlsUrsuline Waterford62:0019019000
5Lauren McG and LauraTYArd Scoil35:0414014000
5Clara and KayleighTYArd Scoil49:0314014000
7Mark and Daniel3rd BoysColáiste Cois Siúire70:0913013000
8Leona and Darion3rd GirlsColáiste Cois Siúire65:4212012000
8Danielle and Chantelle3rd GirlsColáiste Cois Siúire67:4712012000
10Jack and Rhys J1st BoysNewtown74:1311011000
11Catherine and Lily Mei1st girlsNewtown67:5010010000
11Aoife and Kayleigh3rd GirlsColáiste Cois Siúire65:0210010000
13Larry and John3rd BoysColáiste Cois Siúire48:46606000
14Sean and Conor3rd BoysColáiste Cois Siúire63:58505000
14Shannon and Jessica3rd GirlsColáiste Cois Siúire56:22505000
16Niall and Dylan3rd BoysColáiste Cois Siúire51:12404000
16Jason and Conor3rd BoysColáiste Cois Siúire50:20404000
18James and Ciarain3rd BoysColáiste Cois Siúire53:43303000
18Kieron and Philip3rd BoysColáiste Cois Siúire56:11303000
20Matthew and Ruairi3rd BoysColáiste Cois Siúire52:05202000

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