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Leinster League 2018
Dublin by Night 2018
2017 Leinster League
2016 Leinster League
2015 Leinster Autumn League
2014/2015 Leinster League – Autumn and Spring Combined
Munster League
2014/2015 Dublin by Night
Campus Sprint League
2013 Autumn League
2013/4 Dublin By Night
2014 Leinster Spring Cup
2014 Leinster Spring Cup
Campus Sprint League
2014 CNOC Summer Evening League
Dublin by Night 2013
2013 Spring Cup (Corrected)
2013 Spring Cup
2012 Autumn Series
2012 Spring Cup
2010-2011 Inter-Club League
2011 Autumn Series
2011 CNOC Evening League
2011 Spring Cup
2010 Autumn Series
2010 Spring Cup
2009 Autumn Series
Dublin by Night

Munster League 2015/2016
Munster League 2013/14
Munster League 2014
Munster League Pages
Irish 3-Day June 2012
Irish 3-Day June 2010
Southeast League
SE League 2014
SE Short-O League 2013
2009/2010 Nov-May

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