Event Organisers Checklist

This checklist is designed to assist organisers but each club has it’s own way of doing things and this list is not exhaustive. This list does not take precedence over common sense. Best of Luck with your event.

Months before the event…………….

  1. Meet with the Planner and the Controller to divide up responsibility
  2. Select and secure agreement of individuals to take responsibility for each of the following functions:
    • Registration.
    • Start.
    • SportIdent and Ór
    • Traffic, direction signs and parking.
    • Organiser for children’s event (e.g. string course)if required
  3. Advertise event on Orienteering forum, facebook, and other social media channels, give event details on forum on Monday of week of event or earlier
  4. Book SportIdent Kit as early as possible
  5. Arrange first aid kit. Having a first aid kit is a requirement of our insurance cover. Ensure contents are complete. There should  also be  a First Aid Rucksack to be taken up the mountain in an emergency.
  6. Arrange people to put out controls and collect controls, (liaise with Planner), at least 3 people required.
  7. In consultation with Planner and Controller; decide on locations for Registration, Notices and Download. Keeping all functions as close together as possible. Particularity important to have Download close to the Finish. Ideally, Registration and Download should be in the tent, close to the Finish.
  8. Ensure Permissions and Registrations and insurance are complete
  9. Create Entry Form for event . Give Entry form to Car Park Attendant and Registration for distribution at event.
  10. Discuss with Planner and Controller the number of maps required for event. Look at previous and similar events, bearing in mind weather forecast, (competitors with downgrade in bad weather).

Weeks before the event …………….

  1. Use a car or tent with sufficient shelf space to lay out control descriptions. Or leave the Control descriptions in a way that people can serve themselves..
  2. Collect control descriptions from the Planner.
  3. Arrange for a float of change, notes and coins: suggest €15-25.
  4. Have whistles for sale to competitors if necessary. €2 each.
  5. The organiser should have signs as follows for use:-
    • A Large waterproof and wind secure REGISTRATION sign for display on car/tent.
    • A sign giving the entry charged, cost of whistles, cost of SI rental
    • A sign noting whether cagoules and / or whistles are compulsory / recommended.
    • A sign stating when Registration and Start close, and when course closes and controls are taken in.
    • A sign showing procedure to be followed by competitors; primarily this is designed for new Orienteers.
    • The course details sign: should include course length, climb, number of controls and technical difficulty.
    • A Safety Statement Sign,
    • A Child Protection/Photographs Sign.
  6. Have blank boards, indelible waterproof felt tip markers, masking tape, scissors, to make up on-the-spot notices.

The day of the event ……….

  1. The car/tent must be set up and in operation at least 30 minutes before the advertised start time for the event.
  2. Site all the signs in a prominent place.
  3. Send the Filled out Entry Forms over to SI operator early and frequently.

After the event …………

  1. Count the takings and reconcile with the float and give gross loot to the Treasurer, preferably that afternoon.
  2. Ensure results are uploaded and correct
  3. Take a rest !
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