Event Organisers Resource Page

Here are some of the supporting documents that Event Organisers will require for events and training.

Event Safety & Risk Management

Clubs are required to complete a risk assessment for all club events and activities, and this form used to identify the potential risks and list any mitigating measures. The Event Organiser is responsible for completing this assessment.

  • All competitors in any competition to which these Rules apply take part entirely at their own risk.
  • All competitors must report to the finish regardless of completing the course or not.
  • A competitor who loses their control/Sport Ident card shall report the fact to a finish official.
  • At all competitions the Event Organiser shall arrange for effective first-aid treatment to be available at the finish, and shall be able to arrange the transfer of any casualty for medical treatment. A mobile phone shall be available for use.
  • At all competitions the Event Organiser shall ensure that sufficient help and equipment is available to mount a search for a missing competitor.
  • The course shall be planned so that dangerous features, such as quarries, high crags and deep marshes, and out of bounds areas, can be avoided easily. Dangerous features should be marked with yellow tape if they are in an area likely to be visited by any competitors, and are not already clearly marked as dangerous. Yellow tape shall not be used for any other purpose.
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