Orienteering Ireland Annual Awards

Orienteering Ireland presents three annual awards. These awards are of equal status and reflect the Irish orienteering community’s recognition of an individual’s contribution to the sport.

Spirit of Orienteering Award

This award is given to one person each year. It is in recognition of outstanding service or performance in the sport, either for exceptional efforts in a single year or for a long term contribution that makes a lasting impact on the sport.

Áine Joyce of Great Eastern Navigators received the Spirit of Orienteering Award

The winner of the 2023 Spirit of Orienteering award is undoubtedly someone who over a long period of time, has had a significant impact on the sport of Orienteering in Ireland. It would be impossible to find anybody in orienteering who has not benefited from Áine’s involvement in the sport.

Áine’s commitment to the development of the sport has unquestionably contributed to the higher profile orienteering now enjoys and in all aspects of their contribution they have shown how ours is a friendly and inclusive sport. Whether dealing with individuals, clubs or external organisations Áine was always friendly, informative and helpful. Many projects in the last fifteen years have benefited from her guidance and Orienteering Ireland will continue to develop because of her efforts.

On behalf of everyone involved in Orienteering we acknowledge Áine’s professionalism, friendliness and willingness to “go that extra mile” to make the sport inclusive and enjoyable for all.

Congratulations Áine!

Performance Excellence Award

Introduced in 2012, this award is given when an athlete performs to a high level in an International Event

Nicolas Simonin of Bishopstown Orienteering Club was awarded the Performance Excellence Award for his World Orienteering Championships performnce in 2017.
Nicolas Simonin (BOC) being presented with the Performance Excellence Award by Paul O’Sullivan Hourihan, Chair of IOA, for his World Orienteering Championships performance in 2017.
Year of AwardEvent
Aislinn Austin2011, 2001WOC 2011, JWOC 2001
Alex Simonin2010EYOC 2010
Andrew Quin2006WOC 2006
Aonghus O’Cleirigh1988, 1987WOC 1987, JK 1988
David Healy2010, 2003JWOC 2003, WOC 2010
John Feehan2001, 1999, 1992, 1991JK 1999, JWOC 1991, WOC2001, JWOC 1992
Marcus Pinker1999, 1997, 1993WOC 1999, WOC 1997,JWOC 1993
Niamh O’Boyle2010, 2009,2003JK 2009, JK 2010, WOC 2010,JWOC 2003
Niamh Corbett2010EYOC 2010
Nicolas Simonin2010, 2009, 2007WOC 2010, JWOC 2009, JK2010, JWOC 2007
Sarah Browne2003JWOC 2003
Toni O’Donovan1999WOC 1999
Una May1995, 1994, 1993JK 1993, JK 1994, JK 1995
Wally Young1978, 1981WOC 1978, WOC 1981
Wilbert Hollinger2011WTOC 2011
The 2012 awards were given retrospectively.

Mac Tíre Award

Awarded for the development of orienteering – achieving something that will grow the sport. Some examples are: a new map;  a new technology; bringing orienteering to a new part of the country; introducing a new group to the sport; revitalising a neglected area of the sport; enhancing the social aspects of the sport, staging a major event.

Rory has sustained Kerry Orienteering club for four decades and is a truly deserving recipient. He inspired the club to take on the joint running of the Irish Orienteering Championships in 2022 and convinced core members that as a club they could successfully host this major event. Rory has led and inspired Kerry O to restructure into a more sustainable club, promoting a suite of events, upping promotional activities, training as Child Welfare Officer, engaging with the Orienteering Ireland Ready To Go Orienteering teacher programme and working with Kerry O club members in the production of five school maps.

Congratulations Rory!

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