Our Trophies and Awards

Orienteering Ireland presents three annual awards. These awards are of equal status and reflect the Irish orienteering community’s recognition of an individual’s contribution to the sport.

Colm Moran, 3Roc

Kathryn Barr, UCDO

Irish Long Distance Champions

M10Cillian Lynch, LVO
M14Liam Casey, SEVO
M16Oscar Rowe, GEN (Nuala Creagh Trophy)
M18Joshua Hoare, BOC (Lynam Trophy)
M20Eoghan Whelan, SEVO
M21LZac O’Sullivan-Hourihan, UCCO
M21EColm Moran, 3ROC
M35Jens Waechter, BOC
M40Darren Burke, CORKO
M45Donal Murphy, BOC
M50Angus Tyner, SET (Colin Dunlop Trophy)
M55Bill Edwards, CORKO
M60Aonghus O’Cleirigh, AJAX
M65John McCullough, 3ROC
M70Wilbert Hollinger, LVO
M75Sean Cotter, BOC
M classes
W10Laurel O’Connor, SET
W12Aoife Masterson, CNOC
W14Fionnuala Rowe, GEN   (Cliona Callanan Trophy)
W16Eve Buckley, BOC (Nuala Creagh Trophy)
W18Emily Rowe, GEN (Lee O Trophy)
W20Aoife O’Sullivan, BOC
W21EKathryn Barr, UCDO
W35Sharon Lucey, CorkO
W40Susan Lambe, LVO
W45Moire O’Sullivan, LVO
W50Caroline Murray, BOC
W55Heather Cairns, LVO
W60Mary O’Connell, 3ROC
W65Mary Healy, GEN
W70Lyubov Ryasna, CNOC
W classes

Irish Sprint Champions

M10Aran PowerLVO
M12Alfie TynerSET
M14Liam CaseySEVO
M16Gerry BrowneGEN
M18Joshua HoareBOC
M20Darragh HoareBOC
M21EJosh O’Sullivan-HourihanCORKO
M35Jens WaechterBOC
M40Darren BurkeCORKO
M45Killian BrennanCNOC
M50Angus TynerSET
M55Bill EdwardsCORKO
M60Michael BurtonLVO
M65Val JonesFingal
M70Wilbert HollingerLVO
M75Sean CotterBOC
M85Frank Martindale3ROC
W12Aoife MastersonCNOC
W16Eve BuckleyBOC
W18Emily RoweGEN
W20Aoife O’SullivanBOC
W21EAoife McCavanaGEN
W35Sharon LuceyCORKO
W40Susan LambeLVO
W45Moire O’SullivanLVO
W50Caroline MurrayBOC
W55Julie Cleary3ROC
W60Heather WoodGEN
W65Mary HealyGEN
W70Barbara Foley-FisherLVO
W75Jean O’NeillFingal

Irish Middle Distance Champions

M10Fionn HassettSET
M12Eoin SimpsonCORKO
M14Liam CaseySEVO
M16Gerry BrowneGEN
M18EDaire O’BrienKERRYO
M20EDarragh HoareBOC
M21EPaul PruzinaLVO
M35Rob McEvoyCORKO
M40Alan de LacyAJAX
M45Gavan DohertyGEN
M50Angus TynerSET
M55Bill EdwardsCORKO
M60Robbie BrysonFERMO
M65Senan O’ BoyleCNOC
M70Raymond FinlayFERMO
M75Richard McCourtLVO
M85Frank Martindale3ROC
M classes
W10Laurel O’ConnorSET
W12Aoife MastersonCNOC
W14Fionnuala RoweGEN
W16Eve BuckleyBOC
W18EEmily RoweGEN
W20EAoife O’SullivanBOC
W21ENiamh O’BoyleCNOC
W35Sharon LuceyCORKO
W40Lesley YoungLVO
W45Moire O’SullivanLVO
W50Caroline MurrayBOC
W55Heather CairnsLVO
W60Mary O’Connell3ROC
W65Ann SavageLVO
W70Teresa FinlayFERMO
W75Jean O’NeillFingal

Irish Relay Champions

Open Premier84:51CNOC Premier 1 (CNOC)Conor Short/Conall Whelan/Kevin O’Boyle
Womens Open98:12Never Looked BOC (BOC)Aoife O’Sullivan/Emer Perkins/Elodie Donet
Junior 4854:39AntiGENs (GEN)Emily Rowe/Fionnuala Rowe/Oscar Rowe
Junior 3651:30Farran Wood (CorkO)Alec O’Brien/Ruaidhri O’Brien/Eoin Simpson
H687:13Ajax-1 (AJAX)Cian Wickham/Ruairi Long/Alan deLacy
H1277:42Setanta D (SET)Angus Tyner/Sean Hassett/Philip Brennan
H1876:10Ajax-2 (AJAX)Paul Smyth/Donal Wickham/Mike Long
All classes

Past Irish Champions



Irish Orienteering Champion and Irish Women’s Champion Trophies

New Irish Orienteering Champion trophies was introduced at the 2013 Irish Orienteering Championships in Oughterard, Co. Galway. The trophies were designed and made by Jarleth Daly. These trophies are unique, each depicts an Orienteer(s). They are made from Bronze casts. irish o champion - front 2Irish O Champion Trophy _side_2Irish Womens O Trophy - front Irish Womens O Champion Trophy-side  

The Lee-O (W18) and Lynam (M18)Trophies

LeeO trophy-2 lynam or leeO trophy Lynam Trophy-1 When Lee O disbanded some years ago, they donated money to the commissioning of a new set of trophies. The W18 Trophy was named after Lee Orienteering Club. The new M18 trophy was named in honour of Joss and Ruth Lynam, commerating their work for Irish Orienteering. Ruth has worked for many years with the Irish Junior Squad, and continues to contribute. Joss Lynam was one of the founders of Irish Orienteering. He drew many early orienteering maps.

The Nuala Creagh Trophy

nuala creagh trophy w16nuala creagh trophy M 16nuala creagh trophy back of with names M 16The Nuala Creagh Trophy is presented each year to the W16 and M16 Irish Champions. Nuala Creagh was the IOA junior affairs officer for a number of years and developed the role considerably. She was also an accomplished orienteer in her own right having won the Irish Champs for her age group on a number of occasions and represented Ireland at the Continental Cup and Home internationals. Sadly she pased away in 1991 at the very young age of 55. The Trophies were presented by her family in her memory. Her daughter designed and made the trophies. Una May, 3Roc

Colin Dunlop Trophy

colin dunlop trophy picColin Dunlop became involved in Irish orienteering in the early 1970s. He was member of Setanta Orienteers until his untimely death in 1995, at the age of 60. His other sporting love was rugby and when he reached the stage where he was unable to play competitively, he discovered great fulfillment in orienteering. He was a successful and competitive orienteer as well a brilliant planner and top class controller. Other orienteers loved Colin’s event planning. His courses were always challenging and fair. His approach to planning and controlling was always to imagine himself as the competitor, young or old, the elite runner or less competitive participant. Nothing would please him more at the end of an event than to mull over maps with finishers discussing the finer details of their routes choices. When living in Mullingar in the early 1980s Colin introduced Setanta to the wonderful forest at Mullaghmeen and planned the first major event (Irish two-day) there in 1984. For many, particularly his former Setanta clubmates, he will always be associated with Mullaghmeen a place which he loved dearly. “Its a good day – go with it” was Colin’s motto in life. These words are the words inscribed on the silver trophy donated to Irish orienteering in his memory by his wife Alison. Colin lived for orienteering and the trophy is a fitting memorial to all that he gave and received through the sport. The Colin Dunlop trophy is presented annually to the Men’s or Women’s 50 Class winners at the Irish Championships. The 50s class was chosen as a very competitive senior class and the trophy alternates between the M and W 50 winners on successive years – a fitting memory to Colin. May he rest in Peace. Brian Power, Setanta Orienteers

Cliona Callanan Trophy

cliona callinan trophyThe Cliona Callanan trophy is presented each year to the W14 Class Champion at the Irish Orienteering Championships. Cliona Callanan was a member of Bishopstown Orienteering Club and won the W14 class in 2004 but sadly passed away at a young age. Her Family have presented the trophy in her memory.

Spirit of Orienteering Award

Spirit of O award- ruth lynam 2013This award is given to one person each year. It is in recognition of outstanding service or performance in the sport, either for exceptional efforts in a single year or for a long term contribution that makes a lasting impact on the sport.

Performance Excellence Award

Introduced in 2012, this award is given when an athlete performs to a high level in an International EventPerf Excell Award

Regional Trophies

Leinster Inter-club Trophy

Leinster Inter-club TrophyThis trophy is presented each year by GEN to the winning club of the Inter Club Challenge. It was made by Bob Pinker and first presented in 1997 to 3Roc.Sometimes GEN win it but in recent years CNOC have been holding on to it ! In 2009 the Trophy was won by Fingal at Corkagh Park. Aine Joyce, GEN

Leinster League Womens Trophy

Leinster League Womens Trophy

Leinster Championship, W17/W18 Trophy

Leinster Championship, W17/W18 TrophyThis trophy is awarded to the W18 class winner in the Leinster Championships each year,it was originally the W17 Trophy before the classes were changed. The inscriptions on it are; 1986 Tracey Eakin (W.O) 1987 Una Creagh (3 Roc) 1988 Hilde Creagh (3 ROC) 1989 Áine Ní Rís (AJAX) 1990 Karen Convery (3 ROC) 1991 Emma Glanville (3 ROC) 1992 Sheila Convery (3 ROC) 1993 M. O’Rourke (GEN) 1994 Catherine Butler (CNOC) There are some years missing and it was used again in, 2007 Erika Jones (FINGAL) 2008 Fiona Hill (CNOC)

Leinster Championship, Men’s Trophy

Leinster Championship, Men's Trophy

Leinster Championship, W21E Trophy

Leinster Championship, W21E Trophy [hr]

Leinster Championship, W35 Trophy

Leinster Championship, W35 TrophyThis trophy was donated by GEN and was first awarded in 1983. Then it seems it went missing for 9 years as there are no names on it between 1994 and 2004. 2005 and 2007 are also missing.
  • 1983 J. Flegg
  • 1984 W. McCormack
  • 1985 M. Nolan
  • 1986 J. Watt
  • 1987 W. McCormack
  • 1988 M. Thornhill
  • 1989 J. Watt
  • 1990 M. Thornhill
  • 1991 J. Watt
  • 1992 M. Healy
  • 1993 M. Healy
  • 1994 H. Mac Inerney
  • 2004 E. Young
  • 2006 E. Young
  • 2008 Deirdre O’Neill
  • 2009 Hazel Thompson
  • 2010 Hazel Thompson

Misc. Trophies

Irish Orienteering Students Trophy – Mens Team

Irish Orienteering Students Trophy - Mens Team [hr]

JHI Best Irish Performance

JHI Best Irish Performance jhi best irish perf_1 jhi best irish perf_3 jhi best irish perf_2

Old Trophies

Old Irish Orienteering Champion Trophy trophy was presented by Clonskeagh Motors, probably in 1980. [hr]

Old Irish Womens Champion Trophy

Irish Womens Champion TrophyThe first winner was Carrie May in 1980. The Trophy was presented by Clonskeagh Motors.
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