Orienteering Events this Sunday, 18th May

There are two events on Sunday (18th), one in Cork and one in Waterford. On Tuesday evening (20th) there are two more events, again one in Cork and one in Curragh, Kildare. All events have courses suitable for beginners, the organisers will advise on the best course for you.

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Sunday, 18th May Currabinny Wood Cork Bishopstown
Sunday, 18th May Tramore Sand Dunes Waterford WaterfordO
Tuesday, 20th May Currabinny Wood Cork CorkO
Tuesday, 20th May Curragh Kildare Curragh-Naas

CURRABINNY WOOD, Cork. (Sunday 18th)

National Grid Reference W 790 622

Cork Summer league (Round 3) & Family Day
Controls out from 8.30 am to 10.30 am
Start Times from 10.30 am to 1 pm.
Courses Close at 2 pm
MAP-MEMORY (hardest) 6.5 km, 335 m, 18 c (No Map)
NORWEGIAN COURSE 6.5 km, 335 m, 18 c (Blank Map)
SCORE COURSE c. 3.5 km, c. 200 m, 21 c
RED COURSE 3.6 km, 200 m, 19 c
ORANGE COURSE 4.2 km, 145 m, 16 c
YELLOW COURSE (easiest) 3.4 km, 110 m, 11 c

Tramore Sand Dunes, Waterford (Sunday)

The 5th round of the Munster League and the final SE league event take place at Tramore on Sunday 18th May. Usual start times from 11 to 1. Follow signs at the east end of the promenade. Bring your bathing togs.

Course lengths as follows
Yellow: 2.5 km; 8 controls
Orange: 3.1 km; 11 controls
Light Green: 4.5 Km; 15 controls
Green: 5.1 Km; 17 controls
Blue: 6.2 Km; 25 controls
Brown: 7.1 Km; 25 controls

Please register by 3 p.m on Friday if you can to ensure we print the right number of maps. Continue to register online at the Wato blog right up to Saturday at 8 p.m. There are only 4 entries so far so get registering please. Thanks.


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