Orienteering for Teachers

Online Training

Course Planning/Purple Pen Training: This online course will guide you through Purple Pen software and will include course planning tips and techniques to design your own orienteering courses. This course assumes you have already attended a Ready to Go Orienteering course. Book and Pay at the link below;

Book and Pay for Orienteering Course Planning Training

TypeDate, Time, Duration
Course Planning/Purple Pen Wednesday 26th Oct 2023 – 4.30pm
Course Planning /Purple Pen Tuesday 14th Nov 2023 – 11am
Course Planning /Purple Pen Monday 11th Dec 2023 – 4.30pm
Course Planning/Purple PenMonday 15th Jan 2024 – 4pm
Course Planning /Purple Pen Tuesday 20th Feb 2024 – 11am
Course Planning /Purple Pen Friday 22nd March 2024 – 11am
Course Planning /Purple Pen Wednesday 17th April 2024 – 4.30pm

‘Ready to go Orienteering’ Training Course

This one day training course is aimed at teachers, youth leaders or anyone wanting to introduce orienteering in a school setting. The goal of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge, understanding and practical ability to teach the basic skills of orienteering in an enjoyable and rewarding way.


  1. To understand the sport of orienteering and how to deliver it in a fun and exciting way.
  2. To be able to produce learning programmes, which show progression through desktop, room, hall and enclosed sites such as schools or small parks.
  3. To acquire and be able to deliver the following fundamental skills: map as a bird’s eye view, importance of north, map orientation, keeping in contact with the map and “thumbing” and use of map colours and commonly used symbols.
  4. To be able to plan and deliver sessions which meet IOA Orienteering safety guidelines.
  5. To be able to plan and deliver simple competitions.
  6. To be aware of the opportunities for young people and others to participate in the sport of orienteering.

Book and pay for upcoming public Ready to go Orienteering Teacher Training courses at the links below.

Resources for Orienteering Games and Activities

School children participating in a fun  orienteering activity.

There are some great Orienteering Activities which you can use now to get your students started. Orienteering Activities

Printable Resources

Download pdf of Map Colours here

Examples of how different colours are used on an orienteering map.

Download printable controls here

A printable  orange and white control with the letter C.

Download printable control cards here

Printable orienteering control cards.

Demonstration Videos for some of the Orienteering activities are here

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