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Sample Events

Save the event file to your PC and open it with Ór. To do this, Launch Ór. Use the File→Import→Competition menu and select the .or file.

Sample GPS Split Sheet

With a very small amount of extra effort, it is possible to produce splits sheets for competitors with GPS recorders that show their routes. As an example, this is my route from Day 3 of the 2007 Shamrock O’Ringen in Cobdubh.

Start List

For Championship events, you should use a spreadsheet, such as Excel, to manage your start lists. You can then export the spreadsheet in CSV format and import that into Ór. Alternatively, you can import a start list generated by an online entries system such as Fabian4 and use Ór to generate start times.

You should use this sample from the 2013 Irish Champs as a template of an Individual event. For a Relay event, use this sample from the 2013 Irish Orienteering Championships. Do not change the layout of the spreadsheet.

Ór uses a different format than online systems so you will need to convert before importing. For Individual races, fabian2orI.php is a script that has been used for this. For Relays, fabian2orR.php was used.

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