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Getting Ór

Just follow the following steps:

  1. Launch Ór
  2. Ór will be downloaded and a warning dialogue will appear. Despite the warning, click Start.
  3. A dialogue will appear allowing you to add Ór to your Start Menu and Desktop. You should agree to this as it will make it easy to start Ór again.
  4. Apart from Ór, you will probably need to download the Master Station driver. Details are shown below.
  5. You’re ready for action. Try playing with the program, create a small dummy event with a few competitors. You can use the Simulator to simulate competitors downloading their cards. You can import one of the sample events to get a better idea how it works – see the samples section for details.

You may get a security error when you try to run Ór.  If so, follow the instructions for Why am I getting an “Application Blocked by Java Security error when I try to run Ór?” in the FAQ.


Ór uses the Java Runtime Environment v1.7 or above. If Ór fails to launch it is very likely that your computer does not have a JRE or it’s JRE is an older version. In this case, you should download the JRE. This is free but it is quite a large download (several Mb).

Please note that Oracle has changed the licensing requirements for Java.  For most people this should not have an impact.  However, for businesses or other organisations, this may be a problem.  If you feel that this affects you, you can install Openwebstart and use it and OpenJDK

SPORTident Master Station Drivers (Windows Only)

There are various useful drivers and programs available on the download page on the SPORTident web site. Of these, SI-Config is useful for managing the Master Stations, though hopefully you will not need to use it. However, if you have a USB Master Station, you will need the correct driver for it.

  • Driver for the new BSM7/8 USB (your Master Station is probably this type)
  • Old Driver for BSM6 USB (if you have this type of Master Station, you should consider upgrading as it does not support some of the new SPORTident cards)

Make sure you get the correct one.

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