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Ór is a program that will allow you to produce results from an orienteering event. It is usually used for with SPORTident but has also been used for “punch” events.

Features of Ór

  • Ór can be used with or without SPORTident.
  • Ór is intuitive to use.
  • Unlike other software for SPORTident, Ór is designed to be used in “Entry on the Day” and Colour Coded events as well as Championship type, Class based events.
  • Ór handles normal, cross-country, Scatter, Score or Relay events.
  • For small events, one person can handle Entries, Start and Finish.
  • Ór produces results in HTML format, ready for publication on the web.
  • Ór produces Split results in HTML and CSV format for publishing on the web or uploading to Winsplits.
  • Ór can print normal results or full split time results.
  • Ór can show results live on a separate monitor. This gives the most up-to-date results and removed the need to print results.
  • Ór can show results (almost) live on the internet.
  • Ór is being developed for Irish orienteering, so you can request new features, (though there’s no guarantee that you’ll get them).
  • Ór has a Simulator which allows you to get used to using it without needing any SPORTident equipment.
  • Ór will automatically check for updates when it is launched. You can be sure that you are using the most up-to-date version of Ór and IOA Archive.
  • Ór can automatically produce individual split sheets as competitors download. It can also show the same information on a Download Screen to help diagnose any problems.
  • Ór can import course information from OCAD or other Course Design Tools.
  • Ór can upload results to easily. It can also automatically create a RouteGadget event.
  • Ór can download and use the most up-to-date version of the IOA SPORTident Archive. This speeds up data entry.
  • Ór can allocate start times in pre-entry events.
  • Ór can handle multi-day events
  • Oh, did I mention it’s free?

What new in Or …

  • New in 4.3.9: Auto-calculate resolution when importing Routegadget files from Purple Pen.
  • New in 4.3.8: Import start lists from and Fabina4 without needing to reformat the data.
  • New in 4.3.7: Import from Purple Pen menu added to simplify the process. Some improvements with the Startlist edit screen. Compatible with Open Webstart and OpenJDK. Also newer versions of Java.
  • New in 4.3.6: Probably some bug fixes.
  • New in 4.3.5: Fixed problem where new installs were not able to create a new competition
  • New in 4.3.4: Some V5 cards were not being recorded correctly when the start box was dowbloaded – the SI numbers were incorrect. Now supports pCards, even when card reader box is in Exended protocol mode (untested). Removed GPS download feature.  I don’t think it was used and just added to complexity. It is now possible to ignore the time a competitor punched the start box and manually enter a time.  Though, I’m not really sure if this will be useful. Fixed error with course variant names when importing from OCAD. Now using a different library to connect with the serial port.  The only difference you should notice is that Ór does not crash if you disconnect the download box.
  • New in 4.3.3: Allow courses to be voided. Fixed a problem download V10 cards when the master station is in extended mode. Fixed a problem downloading the Start Box when the start box in extended mode. Fixed a problem with importing from OCAD. If a control was near the edge of the map, Ór would report an error on Step 4 even though the import was successful
  • New in 4.3.2 Fixed bug with Road Crossing.
  • New in 4.3.1 Bug fixes.
  • New in 4.3 Multi-day Events. Current standings added to end of splits sheets
  • New in 4.2.1 Fixed a bug when a competitor has no SI number assigned.
  • New in 4.2.0 Start Time allocation feature. Supports new SI cards in extended mode. GPS split sheet printing pops up printer selection box. New Entries List contest menu to set start time. Some context menu items on the Entries list now support multi-select (eg. delete). Added feedback so you can check if the import from OCAD worked correctly. Various bug fixes.
  • New in 4.1.9 Now gives a warning if you import a start list with courses that are not in the database as this may indicate that they are miss-spelled. Fixed problem with start time in split sheets.
  • New in 4.1.9 Now gives a warning if you import a start list with courses that are not in the database as this may indicate that they are miss-spelled. Fixed problem with start time in split sheets.
  • New in 4.1.8 Zero time now affects manually entered start times. Fixed problem printing splits sheets when competitor doesn’t punch at the finish.
  • New in 4.1.7 Fixed problem uploading results. Fixed problem with score courses.
  • New in 4.1.6 Automatic splits sheets were missing split time.
  • New in 4.1.5 Fixed a couple of problems with relays. New in 4.1.4 Improved results and splits printing on narrow paper.
    Improved handling of dodgy punch times.
  • New in 4.1.3 If your timezone is one of the half hour ones, the Start & Finish times were wrong in the csv results file. Class based courses caused an exception when saving splits as HTML. Manually DNFing a competitor caused an exception when generating results. If a control has the wrong time you can now ignore it and stop it from messing up the results.
  • New in 4.1.2 Fixed problem reordering courses. Fixed problem editing Score courses. Fixed problem with competitors without SI number.
  • New in 4.1.1 Fixed problem with Finishers panel when downloading punches.
  • New in 4.1 Course variants which handle butterfly/one-man relays. ‘Off the clock’ road crossings. Reordering of courses or classes so results can be shown in a logical order.
  • New in 4.0.4 First effort at printing results on a thermal printer. Fixed a bug when importing classes from the OCAD data.
  • New in 4.0.3 Had another crack at the Time Taken on the Finishers panel and Splits sheets. Fixed a bug when using the Clear button in the Simulator.
  • New in 4.0.1 & 4.0.2 Fixed missing semicolon in results.xml. Finishers panel and splits sheets incorrectly reported that finishers had no status.
  • New in 4.0 Added Relay handling.
  • New in 3.3 Added log4j for logging. Redesigned the SPORTident code. Download Start times more robust. You can enter a Federation ID when adding a competitor.
  • New in 3.2.1 Fixed error with Start/Finish times in csv result file.
  • New in 3.2 Supports controls with codes greater than 255, even for v5 cards. You can rename controls. e.g. control 101 can be called CP1. Federation IDs in the archive are copied into the results csv file
  • New in 3.1 Added support for Scatter courses. Added Download Screen which can be shown on a separate monitor, visible by competitor or download official. This is to help reduce distractions for the computer operator.
  • New in 3.0.3 Bad Bluetooth implementations could cause Ór to take a long time to start. Updated to start before checking for COM ports. Made the GPS splits feature more robust. Fixed a problem tha can occur if the courses file is edited with a spreadsheet. Fixed a problem with inserted controls in the output csv file. Fixed a bug with punches 31-36 on V5 cards.
  • New in 3.0.2 Fixed a problem with the Status panel which was not updating. Also, added a tooltip with extra detail. Fixed a problem where re-downloading a card after punching the finish added a new entry instead of overwriting the old one. Added support for controls with codes greater than 255.
  • New in 3.0.1 Fixed Score results to include scores. Fixed Live Internet Results configuration panel
    Downloading no longer interferes with the Add Entry panel. Now the operator can keep typing, without interruption, while competitors download. Now accepts & handles Rental cards in the SI Archive.
  • New in 3.0 Basic Mac support – no GPS. Live results on a second display. Live results on the internet
    Download competitor start times from the start box(es). Ór can handle the SPORTident Extended mode and/or Autodownload mode.
  • New in 2.3.2 SI card reuse was broken in 2.3.1.
  • New in 2.3 Fixed bug in Import Start List that could leave Ór unusable. You may enter competitors without an SI number. Fixed bug where it was possible to enter letters into SI number field
  • New in 2.3 Basic Linux support – no GPS feature yet. Statistics panel makes life easier at the end of an event. Com port on main dialogue for ease of access. Improved time handling. Can mix and match manual and SI. Can delete competitions. Can overwrite already-uploaded results on Improved importing Courses and Map image from OCAD. Can change result reports from Course based to Class based and vv on the fly. Competitors that are in the Archive may be auto-entered when they download. There is still the option to add them to the Unknown list instead. Many bug fixes.

What will Ór not do?

  • Ór is a results program, not an event management program. It does not collate entry forms, print envelope stickers, produce start lists, produce control descriptions or any of the myriad of functions that other programs can perform. It only produces results!
  • Ór cannot program the SPORTident control boxes. You still need SIManager or SIConfig (free from SPORTident) for that. Thankfully, you should never have to get involved with that any more.
  • Ór is designed for events with relatively small numbers of competitors – hundreds rather than thousands.

System Requirements

  • Ór requires Windows, Linux or Mac OS(x86).
  • Ór requires Java 1.7 or better. See the downloads page for details on getting Java.
  • Ór has been tested on a single processor 2GHz machine with 512M of RAM.
  • Ór on Windows requires the correct SPORTident driver. See the downloads page for details.

If you have any questions or problems, email and I will help if I can.  Please note that Ór is free software and comes with no warranty.

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