Nominations please for Mac Tire Award

The Mac Tire Award is given each year for the Development of the Sport of Orienteering. Some examples are: a new map; a new technology; bringing orienteering to a new part of the country; introducing a new group to the sport; revitalising a neglected area of the sport; enhancing the social aspects of the sport, staging a major event.

Please send nominations to

– Once five years have passed a person is again eligible to win an award that they have won before
– Serving IOA committee members cannot receive the Mac Tire Award.
– must be from an IOA affiliated club or a member of an IOA affiliated club and they do not need to be seconded
– must contain a short description of why the nominee should receive the award – typically this will be two or three sentences.

– should indicate if the person was nominated unsuccessfully in a previous year
– must be submitted by the closing date
– should be for an individual – group nominations are discouraged
– will be published on in advance of the award ceremony
– cannot be from a current Judge or from a current member of the IOA Executive committee

– the previous year’s award winners will form a committee with three equal votes and will select the winners of this year’s three awards. In 2016, the judges will be the recipients of the award in 2014, 2015 and the last recipient of the Mac Tire Trophy in 2013. If there are no nominations, or if the Judges feel that the nominees are not of the required standard, then an award may not be given.

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