Munster Secondary Schools Championships

The Munster Secondary schools proved very competitive once again. Well done to Liam O’Brien and all the CSOA team for their splendid organisation.
The Senior girls was one by Cliona Gallwey from Nagle Rice with Newtown filling the next three places (Nichola Fennell, Georgia Doorley and Becky Barr) to pick up the team title.
In the Senior Boys, James Griffin from Midleton CBS beat Josh O’Sullivan Hourihan from Midleton College by 7 seconds. 5 different schools were represented in the top 6 places which must be unique. MCBS held off Nagle Rice for the team title.

Faye Mansfield (1st) and Sinead O’Reilly (3rd) helped St Marys Mallow to the team title in the 2nd/3rd year girls. Sinead James (2nd) lead the Midleton College team in 2nd place.
Kieran Simpson from Midleton College won the 2nd /3rd year boys section with Aaron Hayes (2nd) helping the Clonakilty boys team into 1st place. Padraig O’Donovan from MCBS was a close 3rd.
Sarah Muckian from Colaiste na Toirbhirte was the clear winner in the 1st year girls section. Anne Hevers (2nd) helped Midleton College win the team title. A mere 15 minutes covered 5 teams of 4, less than 5 minutes between the top 3 teams!
Jonathan Pim from Newtown, Waterford won the 1st year boys by 9 seconds. Jack Delaney (2nd) helped MCBS win gold and Ciprion Devine lead Midleton College to silver.

Post Junior Cert Girls1. Cliona Galwey; Nagle/Rice, Doneraile 25:01
2. Nichola Fennell; Newtown, Waterford 26:27
3. Georgia Doorley; Newtown; 27:30
1. Newtown, Waterford; 117:37
2. Nagle/Rice, Doneraile; 127:12
3. St Angela’s Waterford;160:20

Post Junior Cert Boys1. James Griffin; Midleton CBS; 25:58
2. Josh O’Sullivan-Hourihan; Midleton College;26:05
3. Paul Lane; Midleton CBS; 31:10
4. Matthew Doncel; Presentation, Miltown; 33:36
5. Conal McIntyre; Abbey CC Waterford; 36:22
6. Stephen Scallan; Newtown, Waterford; 37:53
1. Midleton CBS; 143:18
2. Nagle/Rice, Doneraile; 168:41
3. Newtown, Waterford; 173:13
4. Abbey CC Waterford; 311:54

2nd/3rd year Girls1. Faye Mansfield; St. Marys Mallow; 16:44
2. Sinead James;Midleton College; 20:38
3. Sinead O Reilly; St. Marys Mallow; 21:49
1. St. Marys Mallow 85:18:00
2. Midleton College 116:48:00
3. St Angela’s Waterford 137:20:00
4. Newtown, Waterford 159:24:00
5. Abbey CC Waterford 196:37:00
6. Nagle/Rice, Doneraile 206:47:00

2nd/3rd Year Boys1.Kieran Simpson; Midleton College; 25:30
2.Aaron Hayes; Clonakilty CC;27:00
3. Padraig O’Donovan;Midleton CBS;27:09
1. Clonakilty CC; 114:33
2. Nagle/Rice, Doneraile;133:33
3. Newtown, Waterford; 199:41

1st year Boys1.Jonathan Pim; Newtown, Waterford;14:17
2.Jack Delaney; Midleton CBS; 14:26
3. Ciprion Devine;Midleton College; 18:37
1. Midleton CBS ; 83:47
2. Midleton College; 84:32
3. Nagle/Rice, Doneraile; 94:18
4. Newtown, Waterford; 99:48
5. Abbey CC Waterford;142:16

1st Year Girls1. Sarah Muckian;Col. Na Toirbhirte, Bandon;17:36
2. Anna Hevers;Midleton College;21:05
3. Elizabeth Halloran;St. Marys Mallow;23:00
4. Anna Boyd; Newtown, Waterford; 23:02
5. Deirdre O’Gorman;Nagle/Rice, Doneraile;23:19
1. Midleton College; 99:47
2. Nagle/Rice, Doneraile; 102:55
3. Newtown, Waterford;104:10
4. St Angela’s Waterford; 112:48
5. Abbey CC Waterford; 115.50

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