MSOC 2010

Full results of todays Munster Schools Competition can be found on the IOA website. 330 young people from both Secondary and Primary schools competed in what proved to be a dry day with some muddy conditions underfoot (especially for Primary).
Thanks to Frank Martindale, Norman Storey and Andrew Pim for manning the start, Elizabeth Storey on registration, Jana Cox on download and Paul O’Sullivan Hourihan for help in bringing controls in.
Please note that 237 was not synchronised as I only got the control at the last moment and therefore some of the splits are out by an hour.

Primary 5th class boys (20 entrants)
1. Robert Pim, Dunhill NS, Waterford
2. Edozie Ogbene, Scoil Chroist Ri, Cork
3. Paul Barry, Scoil Chroist Ri, Cork
4. Zach O’Sullivan-Hourihan, St John the Baptist, Midleton.
Teams: 1. SNB Clonakilty; 2. Grangemockler
Primary 6th class boys (45 entrants)
1. Zach Harrington, SNB Clonakilty
2. Jonathan Pim, Dunhill, Waterford
3. Brian Barry, Scoil Chroist Ri, Cork
Teams: 1. Scoil Chroist Ri; 2. SNB Clonakilty; 3. Butlerstown, Waterford
Primary 5th Class girls (34 entrants)
1. Alison Bermingham, St John of Gods, Waterford
2. Clodagh Doherty, St John of Gods, Waterford
3. Lorna Aylward, St John of Gods, Waterford
Teams: 1. St John of Gods, Waterford
Primary 6th class Girls (40 entrants)
1. Kate McMahon, Butlerstown, Waterford
2. Sally Brown, Butlerstown, Waterford
3. Caoimhe Meaney, Grangemockler
Teams: 1. Butlerstown; 2. Grangemockler; 3. St John of Gods
Minor/1st year boys (17 entrants)
1. Padraig O’Donovan, Midleton CBS
2. Robert McHugh, Nagle Rice, Doneraile
3. Killian Lynch, Midleton CBS
Teams: 1. MCBS; 2. Nagle Rice; 3. Newtown, Waterford
Minor/1st year girls (32 entrants)
1. Sinead O’Reilly, St Marys, Mallow
2. Faye Mansfield, St Marys, Mallow
3. Ellen Brennan, St Angelas, Waterford
Teams: 1. St Marys; 2. St Angelas; 3. Nagle Rice; 4. Newtown

Junior Boys/2nd and 3rd year (40 entrants)
1. Sean O’Farrell, MCBS
2. John O’Farrell, MCBS
3. Joe Millerick, MCBS
Teams: 1. MCBS; 2. Nagle Rice; 3. Newtown; 4. Mooncoin
Junior Girls/2nd and 3rd year (50 entrants)
1. Rachel Moore, St Angelas, Waterford
2. Colleen Halloran, St Marys, Mallow
3. Elizabeth Kinsella Kent, St Angelas, Waterford
Teams: 1. St Angelas; 2. St Marys; 3. Newtown; 4. Mooncoin
Senior Boys /post JC (26 entrants)
1. Paul Lane, MCBS
2. Eoin Casey, MCBS
3. Alex Simonin, Midleton College
Teams: 1. MCBS; 2. Midleton College; 3. Newtown; 4. Nagle Rice
Senior Girls/post JC (24 entrants)
1. Laura Cox, St Angelas, Waterford
2. Nicola Power, St Angelas
3. Orla Butler, At Angelas
Teams: 1. St Angelas; 2. Newtown


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