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Orienteering maps record some unique information that nobody else collects in such a detailed manner. For example vegetation change over time, peat cutting, old stone walls, ruined settlements, drainage features and minor land boundaries.

The Trinity College Glucksman Map Library has over half a million maps making it the largest collection of printed maps in Ireland, however until recently they had only about 20 Orienteering maps. They are very aware of the cultural heritage aspects of Orienteering maps and had been to expand their collection to include them.

Brian Hollinshead of 3ROC took on the massive project of collecting, collating and scanning all known Irish Orienteering maps from the last 40 years, culminating in the donation of 1,060 to the library on March 25th, 2009.

Full details of the project are available on the The Irish Orienteer blogsite.

As a result of this project we now have a detailed IOA Map Survey


IOA Map Survey

This list is based on original work done by Gerry Brady in the 1990s. It was updated by Marcus Geoghegan between 2005 and 2008 and it then underwent a major revision by Brian Hollinshead during the Trinity College map Archive project.

IOA Map Survey


Keeping the Trinity College Map Archive up-to-date

Irish Orienteering is proud that 1,060 of its maps were donated to the Trinity College Map Library in March 2009. It is the responsibility and legal requirement of each club to keep this archive up-to-date using the following procedure that must be followed once per year:

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  1. Ensure that the following information is clearly printed on the map: map name; scale; north arrow; contour distance; grid reference of at least one significant feature; date of this revision; club; surveyors/cartographers; OSI permit number (if applicable)
  2. Print one paper copy of all new and revised maps and post them to: The Map Librarian, Glucksman Map Library, Trinity College, College Street, Dublin 2
  3. If a version of the map was previously donated give the Map Archive ID Number from the IOA Map Survey – this will help the librarian to quickly and correctly index the new version of the map.
  4. If this is a donation of a new map, please ask the librarian for the new Map Archive ID Number and ask the IOA Mapping Officer to update the spreadsheet on Make sure to indicate if the new map is a subset or superset of another orienteering map and give the appropriate Map Archive ID Number(s).


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