Map Registration

Orienteering Ireland Map Registration

The online map registration form is at the link below. Please register both your intention to map an area and again when the map is completed. Both types of map registration will be published online once approved.

Online Map Registration

Once completed please send an email to mapping at so the Mapping Officer can confirm receipt. Registrations are not valid until formally approved by the Mapping Officer. Please note, the nominal map registration fee of €10 has been waived until further notice. The aim is to enhance the map register by ensuring all mapped areas are recorded. However, this waiver may be reviewed in future and/or clubs may be asked to prove that they have the ability to map all registered area within the prescribed timeframe. The rules covering map registration are detailed in Rule 7 and Appendix E of the IOA rulebook.


Orienteering Ireland Map Register of Initial and Completed Maps

List of All Maps in Ireland (opens in new tab).

This shows all maps submitted for registration and their current status. Where details are incorrect, please notify me using this form: Submit Map Register Correction. The website is ideal for getting accurate grid references.

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