Change of Venue – Major Events Conference on 17th Jan 2015

A Major Events Conference is being held on Saturday 17 January 2015  in Leopardstown, Dublin.

The venue for the Major Events conference has been changed from Portlaoise to Bewleys Hotel, Leopardstown, Dublin.

Use the link below to get directions;

It will run from 11am until 5pm. Coffee etc available from 10.30.

There are some places still available, to reserve go to;

The cost is €25 per attendee, send a cheque to IOA, 58 Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9.
Some of the topics to be discussed will be :-

  1. Should the 2014 IOC Long Distance event have been postponed or cancelled?
  2. Are Championship courses for the youngest and oldest competitors too tough, and if so how should they be planned differently?
  3. What is the correct map scale for elite long distance competitions?
  4. Do clubs staging multi-day events have enough resources to stage them and if not how can they be staged in the future?
  5. How financially viable are multi-day events?

The proposed revised Guideline for C2 Long Distance or ‘Classic’ competitions will also be discussed.
The Conference will be chaired by Mary O’Connell, Chair of IOA, and speakers will include Angus Tyner, Coordinator of IOC 2014, Frank Ryan, Coordinator of the Irish Three Day, and Ruth Lynam, Controller of the IOC Long Distance. It should be of particular interest to those involved in staging major events, and to their Controllers.
Harold White
Controller of Technical Standards

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