What is your first Orienteering memory?

Doing a yellow course in Mondeligo Woods with my mother way back in 2009.

What is your favourite terrain?

I enjoy fast, runnable forest much like the JK Long terrain this year.

What do you think is your best distance/discipline?

Long Distance, but Sprint events come close. I simply haven’t done enough sprint events to see.

What was your favourite event so far?

It would be the O-tour we did to the OOCup last year. Plenty of good quality training and competition as well as there being a good atmosphere all the time.

What was your first event in the Green Jersey?

JHI 2016 in Newcastle as an M14. The courses were much harder than I was used to.

What do you like to eat pre race?

Cereal and lots of water to drink. Keeping it simple helps.

What is your favourite bit of O clothing?

It would be my JK2018 top, I like the design and colours.

Orienteering in Ireland
Orienteering Ireland, Irish Sport HQ, Blanchardstown
D15 DY62, Ireland